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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Anti-phytopathogenic fungal activity from some Thai medicinal herb extractsNongnoot Khruasanit, 1979-
2006Anti-phytopathogenic fungal agents based on berberineWanchan Noppanit
2002Anti-phytopathogenic fungal agents from essential oilChavarin Thammakasadri
2002Bioactive compounds from Mansonia gagei DrummPattara Tiew
1998Bioactive compounds of Sphaeranthus africanus Linn.Wimolpun Rungprom
2000Bioactive compounds of Sphaeranthus africanus Linn. Part IIPornpan Sukpanyalert
2002Biological active compounds from Coscinium fenestratum (Gaertn.) ColebrBurapol Singhana
1996Chemical constituents and biological activity of the fruits of Xylocarpus granatum KoenSupara Pinjinda
1997Chemical constituents from the leaves of piper betle linn. and their biological activityNumphon Koocharoenpisal
1983Chemical constituents in the root of acanthus illicifolius (LINN.)Vallapa Chittawong
1999Chemical constitutents of leaf and root extracts from Azima sarmentosa Benth and their biological activitiesPanya Sunintaboon
2004Effects of 3-nitrocinnamic acid and 3,4-(methylenedioxy) cinnamic acid on the growth of weeds and cropsSakda Fahkrajang
1997Histopathology of Tilapia oreochromis niloticus liver after long-term exposure to Derris trifoliata leaves extractJassada Sakulku
2003Insect control agents from heartwood of XYlia xylocarpa Taub.Wantanee Sittiwong
1998Searching for agrochemical substance from some weeds in the family EuphorbiaceaeKorakot Chanjirakul
1998Searching for bioactive substances from some compositae weedsSuttijit Sriwatcharakul
1978tudy of the chemical constituents of Oldenlandia diffusa linn. and Acanthus ilicifolius linn., Acanthus ebracteatus vahl.Anant Tangthongkum
2002Weed growth inhibitor from Hyptis suaveolens Poit.Chuitchot Mungmee