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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008The possibility of piRNAs sysem to control transposons in cancer cellsThatchawan Thanasupawat
2007Quantitative PCR analysis for methylation level of genome : clinical implications in cancerApiwat Mutirangura
2011The relationship among DNA methylation, endogenous DNA double strand breaks and genomic instabilityAraya Thongnak
2011Role of dna methylation at herv sequence in systemic lupus erythematosusJeerawat Nakkuntod
2009The role of protein phosphatase 2a subunit ppp2r2b in atm nuclear localyzation in head and neck squamous cells carcinomaChotika Suyarnsestakorn
2007Sequence variation and linkage disequilibrium in the GABA transporter-1 gene (SLC6A1) in five populations : implications for pharmacogenetics researchRungnapa Hirunsatit
2016Study of ALU methylation levels in various passages of human dental pulp stem cellsAtitaya Vongprommool
2003A study of line-1 methylation in different types of cancerKrisanee Chalitchagorn
2011Study of line-1 methylation levels in salivary mucoepidernoid carcinomaPorntipa Sirivanichsuntorn
2006A study of tetratricopeptide repeat domain12 (TTC12) methylation in leukemiaRoongtiwa Wattanawaraporn
2016The role of Alu methylation and physiologic-replication independent-endogenous DNA double strand breaks (phy-RIND-EDSBs) on genomic instability preventionMaturada Patchsung
2007To study the association between methylated endogenous DNA double-strand break and repair pathwayWanpen Ponyeam
2006To study the associations between endogenous DNA double-strand breaks, DNA methylation, and cell cycleNarisorn Kongruttanachok
2006To study the associations between SHP-1 methylation in normal epithelial tissues and demethylation in psoriasisKriangsak Ruchusatsawat
2018-08-06TRH site-specific methylation in oral and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinomaC. Puttipanyalears; A. Arayataweegool; K. Chalertpet; P. Rattanachayoto; P. Mahattanasakul; N. Tangjaturonsasme; Virachai Kerekhanjanarong; Apiwat Mutirangura; N. Kitkumthorn