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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Sequence variation and linkage disequilibrium in the GABA transporter-1 gene (SLC6A1) in five populations : implications for pharmacogenetics researchRungnapa Hirunsatit
2016Study of ALU methylation levels in various passages of human dental pulp stem cellsAtitaya Vongprommool
2003A study of line-1 methylation in different types of cancerKrisanee Chalitchagorn
2011Study of line-1 methylation levels in salivary mucoepidernoid carcinomaPorntipa Sirivanichsuntorn
2006A study of tetratricopeptide repeat domain12 (TTC12) methylation in leukemiaRoongtiwa Wattanawaraporn
2016The role of Alu methylation and physiologic-replication independent-endogenous DNA double strand breaks (phy-RIND-EDSBs) on genomic instability preventionMaturada Patchsung
2007To study the association between methylated endogenous DNA double-strand break and repair pathwayWanpen Ponyeam
2006To study the associations between endogenous DNA double-strand breaks, DNA methylation, and cell cycleNarisorn Kongruttanachok
2006To study the associations between SHP-1 methylation in normal epithelial tissues and demethylation in psoriasisKriangsak Ruchusatsawat
2018-08-06TRH site-specific methylation in oral and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinomaC. Puttipanyalears; A. Arayataweegool; K. Chalertpet; P. Rattanachayoto; P. Mahattanasakul; N. Tangjaturonsasme; Virachai Kerekhanjanarong; Apiwat Mutirangura; N. Kitkumthorn