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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Acridine- and steroid-based amino acid receptors and sensorsAnchalee Sirikulkajorn
2008Anion sensors containing imidazole and anthraquinone derivativesMachima Manowong
2011Bf2-curcumin-based and anthraquinone imidazole-based sensors for detection of nucleotidesSornkrit Marbumrung
2002Cali[4]arene containing ferrocene or nickel dithia diaza as anion sensorBoosayarat Tomapatanaget
2013Catecholamine detection by artificial sensors under fluorescence spectrophotometryYanisa Sanguanthap
2009Chemosenors based on quinone and boronic acid and their complexation propertiesMatinee Jamkratoke
2010Fluorescence probe for D-glucose and beta-glucosidase based on anthraquinone imidazole fluorophoresKrittithi Wannajuk
2016Fluorescence sensors based on imidazolium for biogenic aminesJaturong Kongwutthivech
2016Highly selective fluorescence sensors for biogenic amines and copper (II) ionAnusak Chaicham
2015Highly specific detection of biogenic amines using fluorescence-probe-modified silica nanoparticlesPremrudee Promdet
2010New boronic acid/fluorescein based fluorescent and colormimetric sensors for copper and cyanide ionsSirinan Kulchat
2016Quantum dots and fluorescence compounds for biogenic amine sensingManunya Tepakidareekul
2009Sensors based on curcumin borondifluoride for naked-eye-detection of cyanideAnusak Chaicham
2004Synthesis and optical recognition properties of calix[4]arene containing fluorophoresNongnit Morakot
2006Synthesis of indoaniline-derived calix[4]arenes as alkali cation sensorsSutiam Kruawan
2006Thiacrownether and imidazolium receptor as sensor for cations and anionsSornkrit Marbumrung