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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Population size, population structure and habitat utilization of Bufo asper Gravenhorst, 1829 in Tarn Lord Noi Cave, Kanchanaburi ProvinceTassanee Eamkamon
2002Preparation of surfactant from cardanolPassapan Peungjitton
2001Purification of isopropyl alcohol by heterogeneous azeotropic distillationAchara Chumjam
1999Quantitative assessment of color perception in CIE L*, C*,h color space for Thai observersDaungrat Ngampatipatpong
2006Reaction efficiency enhancement of hydroxypropylated tapioca starchJarunee Srisanit
2001Removal of waxparticles from wastewater of wax emulsion processSatit Praipuk
2002Simulating the colour gamut of ink-jet ink systems on coated and uncoated substratesNiramol Kasadesinchai
2002Steam reforming of methane to synthetic gas on Ni0.03Mg0.97O solid solution catalystVeerapong Viriyapanya
2002Surface modification of chitosan films by grafting with aldehyde derivatives of ethylene glycolWimonsiri Amornchai
2003Synthesis and electronic properties of polythiophene containing thienyl S,S-dioxide unitsKrittiyaporn Tepveera
2003Synthesis of hydroxyphosphonic acid derivativesJintana Nammoonnoy
2002Synthesis of tungsten-containing MCM-41 catalysts and their activity for olefin metathesisPiyasuda Sawangkam
2002Synthesis of vulcanizing agent from cardanolLeelawan Khaokhum
2001Taxonomy of snorkel snails genus Rhiostoma Benson, 1860 in ThailandSakboworn Tumpeesuwan
2002Utilization of latex serum as rie fertilizerKrongkaew Sakornrat
2003Wavelet analysis of polynucleotidesJakree Anantasirisombat