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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Critical temperature of proximity-effect antiferromagnetic superconductor sandwichesPongkaew Udomsamuthirun
1963Culicoides of the Bang Phra region, ThailandNiphan Chanthawanich
2003Degradation of formaldehyde by UV/Titanium dioxide processRatchata Titayanurak
1997Degradation of styrene-G-cassava starch filled polystyrene plasticsSaowaluck Wittayapichet
1965The demonstration of simple quantum mechanical systems by analogue computerMedha Sookavari
1969The derivation of maxwell's equations from the electric and magnetic fields of a moving charged particleYindee Saklertwachara
1965Design and construction of a 20-ampere 220-volt single-phase variable inductor with minimum lossesKoomchoak Biyaom
1970Design and construction of a solid-state inverse time-lag relay with definite minimum time lagPatima Chiraporn
1967Design and development of a two component lathe dynamometerDumrong Tongkao-on
1970A design for a stabilized transistor electronic circuit for standard neutron monitorsPisistha Ratanavararaksa
2002Detection of clarithromycin resistance in Helicobacter pylori isolated from Thai patientsSomwai Leetranont
1970The determination of the earth magnetic field by nuclear inductionPiya Piyanuj
1968A direct method for solving some problems in the calculus of variationsSuwon Tangwanee
1965Directional east-west asymmetry of ground level cosmic rays at latitude 13O 46'NSupanich Pramatus
2009The effects of computer-mediated listening-speaking test tasks on the oral abilities of first year Buriram Rajabhat University studentsSaowarot Ruangpaisan
1968Efficiency in interference fitsKhongsak Phanich
1966Electroluminescent effect of zinc sulphide in epoxy resinMalee Banchune
1969English literature of the first world war a critical studyCharunee Kheimiyatorn
1968Etude d'Une famille (gervaise macquart et ses enfants) dans quatre romans d'Emile zolaSupaporn Apavatcharut
1966Etude de quatre romans de Victor HugoKaukeo, Kingkeo