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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Impacts of the republic of Korea’s amendment of foreign workers employment act (2009) on Thai laborNataphan Wongprommoon
1966Improvement of H-F point-to-point communicatio antennas for use in domestic circuitDanai Lekhyananda
1966The Indian-English relationship as seen in the works of Kipling, Forster, Orwell, and John MastersYenrudee Chuthathong
1986Inhibitory actions of cerebellar purkinje cells following destruction of inferior olivary nucleusPornthip Saksucharith
1967Investigation of eddy current brakeSuwan Attahakul
1967The investigation of exhaust noise and engine performance by the type of silencer used on internal combustion enginesBuntoon Raksaphao
1966Investigation of radio broadcasting interference in BangkokArdharn Kullavanijaya
1965The investigation of the combustion process in an oil-fired boiler and the analysis of exhaust from commercial diesel enginesVicha Yanapirut
1970An investigation of the efficiency performance of a refrigerating plant with pure and mixed refrigerantsViraj Pataradool
1963L'Heroisme chez stendhalThida Brahmmanope
1967l'Homme mauriacienTaweesap Potisuwan
1968L'Idee de tolerance dans les principales oeuvres de VoltaireKirati Bunchua
1969La genese de l'Annonce faite a Marie de Paul ClaudelOraphin Jatarupamaya
1970La revolte dans le theatre d'Albert CamusPreou-Payom Ongrabieb
1983Laminar flow friction and pressure drop in parallel ducts with abrupt contraction and expansionPongjet Promvonge
1969Lateral buckling of a bowed strutSuporn Hotimavorakul
1967Layout and construction of a tesla transformer for 100 Kcs. and 1,000 Kv.Charan Khiaudoknoi
1966Le grotesque dans le theatre de Victor HugoChongkonn Pitaktham
1968Le pessimisme dans le theatre de Jean AnouilhPravani Narintharangkun Na Ayudhy
1965Le pessimisme de BaudelairePanya Borisutdhi