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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Binary interaction parameters of some cubic equations of state for carbon dioxide3paraffin binary systemsPongphisanu Muangchareon
1992Burnout among professional nurses in Chulalongkorn HospitalPorntip Coowanitwong
1971Certain American characteristics reflected in the poetry of Robert FrostPisamai Chunsiripong
2012The characterization of immune response in patients with viral hapatitis B infectionPimpayao Sodsai
1995Chemical constituents from the soft coral cladiella tuberosa tixier-durivaultNisit Pisutthanan
1997Chemical Constituents of the Heartwoods of Mansonia gagei and their Biological ActivityApirak Puntumchai
1996Chemical constituents of the leaf of Amoora gigantea Pierre ex. LanessNisakorn Kamjaikittikul
1995Chemical constituents of the leaves of bridelia ovata decneNisakorn Thongkon
1997Chemical constituents of the marine sponge, Ircinia sp.Suwigarn Pedpradoup
1965The chemical constituents of the skin and leaf waxes of Klue NamwaPatana Hensanghongs
1964Child rearing practices and parents' expectations as perceived by middle class adolescentsChirapa Kowatrakul
1990Classification of some complete ordered semiringsPrapat Wisetmongkolchai
1966Coagulant aids for Chao-Phya River waterSuree Angchandrapenya
1971Comparative studies of the Thai Oryctes Illiger, 1798 (Coleoptera : Scarabaeidae)Chuanpis Yanajaree
1968A comparative study of maternal behavior as perceived by middle and lower class Thai children of Bangkok and DhonburiPrapatsorn Hoontrakool
1967Comparison of theories of failure for differing materials and stress configurationsSoarayut Yenmunkong
1990The construction of oscillotome and electrophysiological study of rat cerebellar slicesNiwat Taepavarapruk
1966Correlation of capacity and rates of discharge of lead-acid batteryRuenrom Khongsaisin
1964Cosmic ray stars at mountain altitudesSuparb Na Chiengmai
2010Cost effectiveness : a comparative study of tuberculosis and multi drug resistance tuberculosis case management with health volunteer and health facility base model versus health facility base plus mobile phone communication by DOTS-Plus strategy in upper north of ThailandPiyada Kunawararak