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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1967Factors controlling flowering in the chrysanthemumsOradee Intuwong
2011Factors in Thai audiences’ reception of Korean celebrity reality showsNartdarun Thangkleang
1970Fielding the comic novelist : his approach and techniquesRachnee Chandavasu Sosothikul
2011Financing for technological innovation business startupKwanrat Suanpong
1994Further classification of Southwestern Tai "P" group languagesRobinson, Edward Raymond III
2008The genetic diversity and drug resistance of plasmodium falciparum population in Sai Yok District, KanchanaburiTepanata Pumpaibool
1992Geometrical phase and magnetic monopolePrapat Mahapattanathai
1966George Sand et la vie a la campagneDenne-Deunne Suk-khajorn
1991Graft copolymerization of 2-ethoxyethyl methacrylate onto liquid natural rubber using metal ion redox systemsNarumol Sirisongthum
1965Hall effect in bismuth thin filmRungsri Kunavong
2008Heavy metals and acid generation potentials of solid mining wastes from Akara gold mine, Phichit provinceChulalak Changul
1988High Tc Superconductivity in La2-xBaxCou4-yPrapat Kertbundit
1994Homology of nod GENES in associative nitrogen-fixing bacteriaNetnaphis Chinanonwait
2011Impacts of the republic of Korea’s amendment of foreign workers employment act (2009) on Thai laborNataphan Wongprommoon
1966Improvement of H-F point-to-point communicatio antennas for use in domestic circuitDanai Lekhyananda
1966The Indian-English relationship as seen in the works of Kipling, Forster, Orwell, and John MastersYenrudee Chuthathong
1986Inhibitory actions of cerebellar purkinje cells following destruction of inferior olivary nucleusPornthip Saksucharith
1967Investigation of eddy current brakeSuwan Attahakul
1967The investigation of exhaust noise and engine performance by the type of silencer used on internal combustion enginesBuntoon Raksaphao
1966Investigation of radio broadcasting interference in BangkokArdharn Kullavanijaya