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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Molecular dynamics of human dihydrofolate reductaseAtchara Wijitkosoom
2007Molecular dynamics of M2 channel protein of influenza virusChittima Laohpongspaisan
2012Molecular dynamics simulation of closed and open state models of magnesium transporter in lipid bilayePattama Wapeesittipan
2012Molecular modeling and molecular dynamics simulation of voltage sensor domain of sodium channel in activated and resting statesWannaruedee Wannapukdee
2008Recognition of hemagglutinin in avian influenza virus to human sialic-galactose using in silico techniqueNopphorn Kaiyawet
2012Structural and dynamical properties of voltage sensor domain of activated and resting potassium channel in lipid bilayer by molecular dynamics simulationSunit Fuklang; Pornthep Sompornpisut
1993The structural evaluation of lithium chloride in liquid hydroxylamine by monte carlo simulationPornthep Sompornpisut
2015Structure and dynamics properties involved with the transport of ions across lipid membrane by ion channels using molecular dynamics simulationsSunan Kitjaruwankul
2006Structure dynamics and solvation of HIV-1 protease wildtype complexed with inhibitors by molecular dynamic simulationsKitiyaporn Wittayanarakul
2006Structure, dynamics and binding of drug resistance HIV-1 protease with major mutationsOrnjira Aruksakunwong
2010Synthesis of intermediates towards oseltamivir and theoretical prediction of their protein bindingNaruwan Pattarapongdilok
2013Synthesis, antibacterial activity and molecular modeling of dicoumarolsKanokporn Petnapapun