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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Automated plasma parameter measuring system using electrical probeSurakarn Thitinan
2009Deposition and characterisation of sulphur doped diamond-like carbon films using pulsed laser deposition methodKanchaya Honglertkongsakul
2006Design and construction of microwave-PECVD and preliminary characteristics of synthesised polycrystalline diamond filmNopporn Rujisamphan
2002Development of radio frequency plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition systemOnanong Chamlek
2006Fabric and fiber modification using radio frequency plasma processThidarat Supasai
2011Fabrication of electronic devices using plasma-polymerized polypyrroleDecha Lapsongphol
2009Graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate onto natural rubber latex by microwave inductionSirichai Piyaauksornsak
2011Graft copolymerization of natural rubber with fluorine containing monomerPamonbordee Wannako
2011Microwave-assisted sonogashira-type coupling of terminal alkynes and aryl boronic acidSuttikiat Puechmongkol
2010Modification of the surface characteristics of fabrics by plasma processKanchit Kamlangkla
2010Nitridation of aluminium alloys and aisi H13 tool steel by inductive coupled rf plasmaJiraporn Pongsopa
2010Plasma polymerization and iodine doping of thiophene derivativesPornchai Luyaphand
2010Structural characterization of cubic GaN films using transmission electron microscopySurang Sumnavadee
2010Synthesis of diamond-like carbon thin film on alumina substrate by microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition techniqueChotiwan Rattanasatien
2008Synthesis of doped polypyrrole film by AC plasma polymerizationKanya Tapaneeyakorn
2008Synthesis of doped polythiophene film by microwave plasma polymerizationPhensupa Kamphiranon