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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007ADI method for 3-D reservoir simulationHarith Janthontapta-one
2007A comprehensive study of the degradation of aqueous monoethanolamine solution during CO2 capture from power plant flue gases : analytical techniques, degradation kinetics, degradation prevention techniquesTeeradet Supap
2007Contact angle of surfactant solutions on precipitated surfactant surfaces. IV. calcium dodecyl sulfate systemSantisteban, Roberto R. Jr
2006Demulsification of water in crude oil emulsion from lankrabue fieldDonnaret Nanthakhetwong
2007Effect of mercury on corrosion in production wells in the gulf of Thailand fieldsThunyaluk Pojtanabuntoeng
2007Inhibition and dissolution of wax deposition for phet crude in a semi-pilot scale using poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate)Perapon Sirijitt
2007Mercury removal from heavy naphtha by various adsorbentsRattakit Kitsanguan
2006Mercury removal from simulated gas condensate : an experimental studyFahim Ullah
2003Mesostructural ultra thin silica film formation through admicellar techniqueChintana Saiwan
2006Nanostructured metal oxide synthesis using microemulsion for photocatalytic decomposition and gas sensor applicationsTheera Anukunpreasert
2006Natural gas reservoir simulationChaiwat Assawaphomthada
2007Purification of phet wax using crystallization and supercritical carbon dioxide extractionSanyapong Rangsansvasti
2001Removal of waxparticles from wastewater of wax emulsion processSatit Praipuk
2005Sorption and transport of polar organic compounds in groundwaterOranuj Lorphensri
2006Study of diphenylmercury from liquid hydrocarbonsUdomsak Rakrood
2006Study of temperature dependence on mercury solubility in condensate and crude oil : part II Cyclic aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbonsPiya Kittichaichana
2006Study of temperature dependence on mercury solubility in condensate/ crude : part I normal-and branched-paraffinsPanithita Rochana
2006Study of wax inhibitor an inhibiting stability for petch crude oilKiattisak Malikhow