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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Bone mass in elderly female patients with and without hip fracture resulted from fallingTan Xiaowei
1964Child rearing practices of middle class families in Bangkok-ThonburiPilai Chayakul
1968A comparative study of attitudes towrads child rearing practices between mothers of juvenile delinquents and mothers of normal adolescentsOrrathai Srihongs
1968Construction of parental punitiveness scale for Thai preadolescentsChirapa Sirivan
2012A development of self-instructional materials (SIMS) to enhance English listening skills for student nursesKrerk Chetsadanuwat
2010Development of telephone supportive self care model and evaluation of its impacts on glycemic control and self care among type II diabetic patients in Bangkok metropolitanNittayawan Kulnawan
2010Effect of iron, vanadium, and tungsten doped titania on BTEX photocatalytic decompositionLaksana Laokiat
1969The effect of mechanical vibration on kinetic frictionChalit Sinsookh
1994Effect of surfactants on nifedipine release from pluronic F-127 gelAssadang Polnok
2010The effects of curcumin and tetrahydrocurcumin on gingival microvascular dysfunction in diabetic ratsDusit Promrug
1968Ethnic identification of the second-generation Chinese in ThailandDalad Lematawekul
2012Factors affecting supplier performance through the buyer-supplier commitmentWaraporn Tungjitjarurn
1993The interpretation of Data for potentiometric titration of weak acid mixtures by multiple linear regression analysisSupawadee Chieawchanwatana
1967Investigation of the starting torque of single phase capacitor-start inductio motor start by varying capacitance of starting condenserTreekull Sophonsiri
1968Loneliness as a motivating theme in the plays of Tennessee WilliamsChuanplern Lekhanavin
1996Methanol conversion to aromatics on metal-containing MFI-type catalystsSupawadee Chaisawadi
1968Neutron measurementYuth Akkaramus
1963Operating characteristics of insulators in wet climateSamruay Sangkasaad
1993Petrography and engineering properties of the PHU Sanao weathered granites, Amphoe Muang Changwat LoeiPansak Wannakao
1993Phytochemical study of Dysoxylum grande Hiern leavesAmpawan Srivilai