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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Application of mathematic functions for identifying the joint pay-off in material procurement negotiationRafiuddin Bin Yeob Ramli
2012Benzoxazine-modified asphaltsAnchalee Oumpancharoen
2012Control structure design of isopropyl alcohol dehydration processSiwapat Tochan
2012Decision making model for selecting subcontractor relationship in Cambodia construction projectPisal Nov
2012Defect reduction in coating process of aluminium composite panelPongsathorn Sirisukkasem
2012Design of membrane reactor for steam methane reforming based on non-uniform catalyst and membrane distributionAkkarapon Cheevataranakorn
2012Development and characterization of chitosan blended bacterial cellulose filmKampole Intasorn
2012Development of bacterial cellulose/alginate/gelatin film for food preservativeSutasinee Seetabhawang
2012The effect of foam stability in CO₂-Foam floodingKunwadee Teerakijpaiboon
2012Evaluation and optimization of gas assisted gravity drainage processTeerawat Vaccharasiritham
2012Evaluation of alternatives for petroleum production concession extension in ThailandEkasit Tangkanjananon
2012Evaluation of intelligent dual-lateral well in multi-layered reservoirsRinyapat Charoengosan
2012Evaluation of oil recovery by alkali/surfactant flooding in multi-layered carbonate reservoirs with different pore sizesArnon Larpkachornsanguan
2012Evaluation of polymer flooding in multi-layered heterogeneous reservoir: the study of viscosity and injection rate of polymer solutionAniwan Panthangkool
2012Formation of N₂O and SO₃ on mixed metal oxide V-W-Mo/Tio₂ catalyst during the selective reduction of NO by NH₃Weeranuch Kuljaratpakorn
2012Highly filled composites from anao-silica and benzoxazing-Epoxy copolymerIsala Dueramae
2012Improving efficiency of fresh product management system in convenience storeChittapol Sakavutanudej
2012Inventory management : a case study of an electric industry companySorakrit Lekklar
2012Investigation of sand instability using geomechanics criteria for sanding predictionKraisingha Meepadung
2012Optimal Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) design using variable speed technique for varing well conditionsThanudcha Khunmek