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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Binary interaction coefficients of Schmidt-Wenzel and Patel-Teja equations of state for vapor-liquid equilibrium calculations of light hydrocarbon and carbondioxide systemsPipat Mahawattanangul
2003Biodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in petroleum-contaminated soil by the addition of tamarind leaves composted contaminated soilWaurapong Lertthamrongsak
1984Biogas production from cellulose by co-culturePipat Sribenjalux
2004Buddhism and political legitimation in Burma (1988-2003)Rattanporn Poungpattana
2011The caretaker government of the Union of Burma (1st November 1958 - 4th April 1960)Myo Tun Myint
1996Chemical constituents from the stem bark of moringa Pterygosperma GaertnJunya Intaranongpai
1987compressional force in disintegration of tablets containing disintegrants of different mechanismsChakri Thongplengsri
1991Controlled release theophylline matrices prepared from co-spray dried theophylline-polymer-channeling agentPhuriwat Leesawat
2004Cross-culture adjustment and integration of Western expatriate women in BangkokBarrett, Maria Ida
1991Cumarins from the root bark of Micromelum minutumKanawan Pochanakom
1986The design synthesis and evaluation of new protease inhibitors as potential drugs against emphysema and arthritisNarumol Kreua-Ongarjunkool
1996Development of screen-based file utilities on unixPriyakorn Pusawiro
1992Development of supported copper catalysts for carbon monoxide removalThawatchai Majitnapakul
1987Development of the data processing of seismic reflection survey for shallow layersPreecha Somphud
1994Dissolution behaviour of hydroxyapatites prepared from cattle bone ashDujreutai Pongkao
2011Effcieny of bosurfactant from bacllus sp. GY19 enhancement of pyrene solublizaton and bodegradationWaritha Tulalamba
1987Effect of Salmonella typhimurium G 30 on macrophages in the protection against mouse typhoidThaippanwan Supapongse
1989Effects of biliary obstruction and indomethacin on renal functions in ratsPiyanuch Radinahamed
1990Effects of omeprazole on acid excretion in the kidneys of hypokalemic dogsPimpa Wongkusoltham
1992Effects of russell's viper venom on renal histopathology in ratsPatana Tengumnuay