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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Advanced machine learning method for prediction of protein secondary structureKasemsant Kuphanumat
2005Amino acid sequence and biological activities of proteins from Parkia speciosaKanokwan Chankhamjon
2004Calcium phospate thin film formation on titaniu substrate by electrochemical methodAchariya Rakngarm
2005Derivatives of functions on the sierpinski gasketNahathai Rerkruthairat
2003Development of alumina substrate for peltier elementPao Na Nakorn
2004Enantiomeric separation of alcohols by gas chromatography using cyclodextrin derivatives as stationary phasesOrnuma Konghuirob
2004Genetic diversity of stingless bees (Apidae: Meliponinae) in Thailand detected by PCR-RFLP of mitochondrial dnaOrawan Phuphisut
2004Immobilization of RGD peptide on the surface of tyrosine-containing polycarbonatesAdisorn Poopattanapong
2005Liquid-phase microextraction using hollow fiber membrane for determination of disinfection by-products in waterNarongchai Vora-adisak
2004Luminosity estimation of the large hadron collider using W and Z particle productionRaksapol Thananuwong
2003Mathematical modelling for temperature prediction of model-food system during ohmic heating in sterilization temperature rangePathma Ratana-arporn
2004Modification of boron-doped diamond thin film eletrodes by nickel implantation for the determination of tetracyclinesSurudee Treetepvijit
2004Morhological variation analysis and allozyme study of viviparid snall genus Mekongia Crosse & Fischer, 1876 in ThailandWachira Srikoom
2004Preparation of surface-charged chitosan for selective bioresponsesYaowamand Angkitpaiboon
2004Purification and partial characterization of nitrate reductase from halotolerant cyanobacterium Aphanothece halophyticaSoraya Thaivanich
2004Selection of bacteria for liquid biofertilizer production from solid wasteRungtiwa Piamtongkam
2003Sintering of silicon nitride ceramic in air furnacePiyaporn Chaiyapuck
2005Synthesis and-binding properties of pyrrolidinyl peptide nucleic acids bearing (1S,2S)-2-aminocyclopentane carboxylic acids spaceCholada Srisuwannaket
2005Synthesis of 1-phenyl-3-methyl-4-stearoylpyrazol-5-one doped mesoporous silica for removal os metals from industrial wastewaterChinnawat Satsananan
2005Theoretical study of pinacol rearrangement using Acid-Catalyzed System and ZSM-5Chompoonut Rungnim