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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Biofuels from vegetable oil-diesel based microemulsions by Green surfactant systemsAmpira Charoensaeng; Pomthong Malakul; David A. Sabatini
2004Comparison of titanium dioxide/silicon dioxide/zirconium dioxide synthesized via sol-gel process to be used as lens protection : final reportSujitra Wongkasemjit
2003Development of multi-stage plasma and photocatalytic system for removing air pollutantsSumaeth Chavadej; Pramoch Rangsunvigit; Kanokwan Saktrakool
2014Electrically controlled release of drugs from alginate hydrogels for transdermal drug delivery applicationAnuvat Sirivat
2009Ethylene oxide reaction over Ag catalysts in low-temperature corona dischargeSumaeth Chavadej; Thammanoon Sreethawong; Anothai Tansuwan; Thanapoom Suwannabart
2014An Investigation and Development on Retrofit of Crude Preheat Train under Different Kinds of Crude OilsKitipat Seimanond; Parawinee Tangnanthanakan; Waramporn Pejpichestakul; Bongkoch Yimyam
2003Mesostructural ultra thin silica film formation through admicellar techniqueChintana Saiwan
1999A New approach for the synthesis of advanced polymers by stereochemically controlled structure using inclusion polymerization techniqueSuwabun Chirachanchai
2001A Novel ion extraction material derived from silica surface modified silybenzoxazine derivatives via host-guest propertiesSuwabun Chirachanchai
2002Novel synthesis study of high surface area silica : final reportSujitra Wongkasemjit
2003Preparation and characterization of hydrogel from chitin derivative and silk fibroinRatana Rujiravanit
2001Preparation and characterization of polypyrrole film for chemical vapor sensor applicationsAnuvat Sirivat; Ladawan Ruangchuay
2013Propane/propylene separation by adsorption using Cu⁺ on faujasite zeolitesPramoch Rangsunvigit; Santi Kulprathipanja; Pattaraporn Sridechprasat; Natthapat Puttapatimok
2010Reforming of CO₂ -containing natural gas for synthesis gas production in low-temperature multistage gliding arc plasma systemSumaeth Chavadej; Thammanoon Sreethawong; Krittiya Pornami
2006Silica surface modification by admicellar polymerization with a continuous stirred tank reactor for natural rubber property improvementPramoch Rangsunvigit
2007Treatment of dye containing in textile wastewater using TS-1, Ti-MCM-41 and Bismuth Titanate Catalysts : final reportSujitra Wongkasemjit