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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Active packaging based on ethylene scavenger PP / organomodified clay nanocompositesYukhanthorn Varothai
2007Activity of low-temperature water-gas shift over Gold-ceria Au/CeO2 catalystsTodsachid Vithayanupong
2007ADI method for 3-D reservoir simulationHarith Janthontapta-one
2006Admicellar polymerization in a continuous stirred tank reactor for surface modification of silica : process optimization using commercial grade mixed surfactantsNantaporn Pipithvittaya
2006Adsolubilization of organic compounds in mixed anionic-nonionic surfactant admicelles adsorbed on a solid oxide surfacePrasertpong Arunwuttipong
2001Adsorption kinetics of an ion-exchange column in fixed-bed operation : a simple model approachAtchara Worasinchai
2006Adsorption of heavy metal and organic contaminants by natural zeolite modified by cationic and anionic surfactantsNattikan Termkaew
2018Adsorption of methane and carbon dioxide on activated carbon and metal organic frameworksChutima Sudsuansi
2017Adsorptive Bubble Separation for Oil RemovalPaweena Kanokkarn
2007Adsorptive removal of sulfur compounds from transportation fuels by using zeolitic adsorbentsSongpol Pringprayong
2007Analcime dissolution and silica precipitation in acids : effects of anionsAbu Mokhtarul Hassan
2017Analysis of biomarkers in crude oils, processed oils, and spilled oilsPornpetch Hattakijvilai
2006Application of admicellar polymerization in fiber reinforced concreteNisara Jantarapatin
2006Application of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in polypropylene nanocompositesSunisa Manchanda
2003Applications of pinch technology (heat exchanger network design and process heat integration)Manoch Limsukhon
2002Applications of pinch technology for energy conservationAnurut Buaurai
2017Applied surfactants, Plasma and chemical reaction, and Biomass energy : Final reportSumaeth Chavadej
2006Aspect of ionic polymer/oppositely charged surfactant complexRatana Giles
2017Assisted Methane Hydrate Formation with the Addition of PromotersChutikan Jaikwang
2006Biogas reforming in dliding arc plasmasChalermrat Akarawitoo