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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Association effect of nitrogen-fixing Klebsiella sp. and rice on rice lectinChetsadaporn Pitaksutheepong
1986Chemotaxonomy of some nitrogen-fixing bacteria isolated from the Rhizosphere of rice (oryza sativa L.) Grown in ThailandAnchan Choonhahirun
1992A comparative study of glutamate synthesis in free-living Klebsiells R15 and in Klebsiella R15 associated with rhizosphere of riceLadda Saengduan
2006Detection of natural rubber latex allergens using antibody conjugated with fluorescent dye-doped silica nanoparticlesArnut Ritdath
1989Determination of lectin in root and leaf of rice (Oryza sativa L.) by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assaySrimake Chaopongpang
1996Development of immunoassay for the detection of protein allergens in natural rubber productsKitiphong Harncharoen
1999Development of natural rubber with low allergenic proteins by saponification processSiriwan Boonsook
2002Development of test kit for protein allergens in natural rubber latex and rubber productsPawin Ngamlert
2003Effect of gamma radiation on water extractable protein content and physical properties of concentrated latex and vulcanized rubber filmOranoot Haowuttikul
1995Effect of mixing conditions on money viscosity of deproteinized natural rubberWanngam Weeraphasuk
2004Genotoxicity test of vulcanized rubber and residual chemicals used in curing processes using reverse mutation assay of Salmonella typhimuriumPattamawadee Sankheangaew
2006Grafting of natural rubber copolymer with ethyl methacrylate by gamma irradiation for using as soft lining denture base materialSomporn Swasdison; Jariya Boonjawat; Manit Sonsuk
1994Homology of nod GENES in associative nitrogen-fixing bacteriaNetnaphis Chinanonwait
1980Isolation and characterization of some nitrogen fixing aerobic diazotrophic bacteria from rice rhizospherePoontariga Harinasut
1992Restriction fragment length polymorphism (Rflp) of nitrogen-fixing bacteria associated with rice (Oryza sativa L.)Suwanna Suthisukon
1983Rice bran lectin and its agglutination with nitrogen-fixing rhizospheric bacteriaChukiat Kortanakul
1987Role fo lectin from rice (Oryza sativa L.) in the association between Klebsiella spp. and root epidermal cellsJirapron Limpananont
1981Role of inorganic phosphate in rat intra-uterine fluid with intra-uterine deviceKamolthip Phlummanus
1982Some properties of cytosolic progesterone and estrogen receptors in human breast tumorAnong Tapsuwan
2002Utilization of latex serum as rie fertilizerKrongkaew Sakornrat