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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003The AIDs incubation distribution functionRatchanikorn Chonchaiya
1989Approximation of probabilities of sum of independent discrete random variablesKritsana Neammanee
2011Berry-esseen bounds for multiddimensional central limit theorem via stein's methodDawud Thongtha
2013Berry-esseen bounds for random statistics via Stein's methodMongkhon Tuntapthai
2008Berry-esseen bounds for random sums of non-identically distributed random variablesMongkhon Tuntapthai
2005Bounds in a combinatorial central limit theorem for randomized orthogonal array sampling designsKittipong Laipaporn
2005Bounds in a normal approximation of an infinite urn modelSoontorn Boonta
2007Bounds on a normal approximation for latin hypercube samplingPetcharat Rattanawong
2007Bounds on errors of probability approximation of number of vertices of a fixed degree in a random graphAngkana Suntadkarn
2014Bounds on Normal Approximation for Descents and Inversions of Random PermutationsWichairat Chuntee
2010Bounds on normal approximation of Latin hypercube and ortrogonal array samplingsNahathai Rerkruthairat
1999Central limit theorems of sums of powers of function of independent random variablesKittipong Laipaporn, 1976
2010Chi-square approximation of squared sums of independent random variablesVitidpong Pavongsa
2000The convergence of distribution functions of random sums of independent random variables with finite variancesNarumol Chaidee
2001The convergence to normal distribution of random sums of independent random variables with finite variancesPetcharat Rattanawong
2010Fixed points and best proximity points of a cyclic mapAnnop Kaewkhao
2016Half-normal approximation for Number of returns to origin of random walksTatpon Siripraparat
2009An Improvement of probability approximation of randomized orthogonal array samplingKitsada Sungkamongkol
2006Improvement of the constant in the non-uniform version of the berry-esseen theoremPongsachart Thongtha
1993A limit theorem for random sums of independent random variables with finite variancesKritsana Neammanee