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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Accelerating the solving process of optimal layout design using genetic algorithmThitiya Theparod
2012Adaptive inertia weight particle swarm algorithmThakorn Chatchaisathaporn
2016Anomaly detection on time series from furthest neighbor window subseriesSenee Kitimoon
2013Artificial-Variable-Free simplex method for frimal and dual linear programming modelsAua-aree Boonperm
2008Attributes scaling for K-means algorithm controlled by misclassification of all clustersWacharasak Siriseriwan
2015Bi-orbital extreme pole clustering algorithmChalee Boonprasop
2011The density-based minority over-sampling framework for class imbalanced problemsChumphol Bunkhumpornpat
2008Duplicate-sampling of difficult-to-classify shemeParinya Weangsamoot
2013Half-Orbital extreme pole clustering algorithmBenjapun Kaveelerdpotjana
2004Identifying non-binding constrints in linear programming problems using supervised learning neural networksWanyok Atisattapong
2010An incentive compatible mechanism for booth auction / Puchit SariddichainuntaPuchit Sariddichainunta
2007Learning binary variables selections to improve the mip solution time in architectural layout design optimizationKamol Keatruangkamala
2016Median-difference window subseries score for contextual anomaly on time seriesArtit Sagoolmuang
2012Mixed integer model for glass container production schedulingChaowalit Bunchom
2010Multi-hyperplane scoring modelWasakorn Laesanklang
2012Multikey Quicksort for Sorting String Using Predecessor and Successor PivotsPurika Borisuttinant
2016Multiple arima subsequences aggregate time series Model to forecast cash in ATMPaisit Khanarsa
2012Multiple change-point autoregressive moving average modelPimsiri Ponsap
2016Parameter-free outlier detection factor using weighted minimum consecutive pairWarunya Kiangia