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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Boar semen cryopreservation : studies on the influence of the semen donors, freezing protocols, insemination techniques and In vivo fertilityKakanang Buranaamnuay
2012Boar semen freezing and sperm sexing in a specific disease-free nucleus herdChanyuth Tretipskul
2004Cloning in cattle and goats : the first DNA replication and the development of nuclear transfer embryosMalee Apimeteetumrong
2009The development and evaluation of a model for artificial insemination by backyard pig farmersWeethima Visalvethaya
2007Development of Nuclear Transfer and Embryonic Stem Cell Technology in MouseRuttachuk Rungsiwiwut
2004Development of somatic cell nuclear transfer techique for biomedical and agricultural research : reportMongkol Techakumphu; Pranee Numchaisrika; Ratajuk Rungsiwiwat; Somchai Suwajanakorn; Kamtorn Pruksananonda; Pramuan Virutamasen
2005Development of somatic cell nuclear transfer technique for biomedical and agricultural research (year II) : reportMongkol Techakumphu; Pranee Numchaisrika; Ampika Thongpakdee; Rattajuk Rungsiwiwat; Kamtorn Prugsananon; Pramuan Virutamasen
2006Development of techniques for freezing boar semenPadet Tummaruk; Kakanang Buranaamnuay; Wanpen Adulyanubap; Jinda Singlor; Mongkol Techakumphu
2010Developmental and molecular biological studies of in vitro produced cat embryos in different culture systemsThanida Sananmuang
2012The differentiation potential of mouse stem cells into neuronal lineageNuttha Klincumhom
2011Early embryonic development after intracytoplasmic sperm injection of swamp buffalo (bubalus bubalis) oocytesVibuntita Chankitisakul
2010Effects of heat stress and β-carotene supplementation on postpartum reproductive performance in dairy cowsWinai Kaewlamun
1989Embryo transfer in Thai swamp buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)Peerasak Chantaraprateep; Nikorn Dusitsin; Chainarong Lohachit; Kobayashi, Gunjiro; Mongkol Techakumphu; Prachin Virakul; Annop Kunavongkrit; Prasert prateep
2010Establishment of parthenogenetic embryonic stem cells and differentiation of pluripotent stem cells into cardiac lineage in mouseSasitorn Rungarunlert
2010The Establishment of porcine embryonic stem (pES)-like cells : effects of embryonic sources and culture conditionsSasithorn Panasophonkul
2010Fatty acid composition of boar semen and effects of feed supplementation on semen qualityNutthee Am-in
2006Fertilization rate after deep intra uterine insemination in pigPadet Tummaruk; Peerapong Sumransarp; Wanpen Adulyanubap; Jinda Singlor; Mongkol Techakumphu
2005Follicular dynamics, Oocyte pick up-in vitro fertilization in swamp buffaloes (bubalus bubalis)Akachart Promdireg
2007In vitro and in vivo development of marbled cat and flat-headed cat embryos derived by somatic cell nuclear transferAmpika Thongphakdee