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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Alkali-catalyzed tranesterification of vernicia montana oil for production of biodieselPongsagons Suklom
2009Alkali-catalyzed transesterification of waste cooking oil with cosolventThepyanee Lodcam
1992A computer program for heat exchanger network design using matchpatiern approachPrateep Arunwatanamongkol
2009Control structure design for phenol hydrogenation to cyclohexanone processKumchai Sukkongwaree
2012Control structure design of biodiesel production process with phase split and recycle in the reactor systemTanapalin Yimlamai
2012Control structure design of isopropyl alcohol dehydration processSiwapat Tochan
2007Control structure design of reaction section of hydrodealkylation process using maximum scaled gain methodChotirat Kiatpiriya
2011Control structures design applied to alkylation process plantwide controlPanisara Khamanarm
2009Design and control of complex heat integrated HDA plantSumalee Hemnithi
2008Design and control of resilient heat exchanger network : input temperture and flow rate variation caseEkkarat Purimaporn; Chulalongkorn University. Faculty of Engineering
2007The design and control of resilient heat exchanger network, target temperature variation caseBussarin Sapsawaipol
2007Design of control configuration for highly heat-integrated HDA processChaiwat Chuliwanlee
2004Design of control structure for energy-integrated hydrodealkylation (HDA) processChakkraphong Thaicharoen
2006Design of control structure for heat exchanger network with pinch moveTarisara Tankim
2011Design of control structures of cumene processJittima Thipsukhum
2006Design of control structures of energy-integrated HDA plant with minimum auxiliary reboilersBoonlert Sae-leaw
2008Design of energy integrated and control structures of acetone plantSirikorn Juengtanakornkul
2008Design of heat exchanger networks and control structures for natural gas expander plantUthai Gayapan
2006Design of heat exchanger networks and plantwide control structure of butane isomerization plantBusara Kunajitpimol
2008Design of heat integrated and control structures of butane isomerization plant for reversible reaction caseAmornrat Panyai