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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Absorption and release characteristics of curcumin in bacterial cellulose filmWannipa Woraharn
2008Alumina doped alginate gel as cell carrier in ethanol fermentation processJirawan Mongkolkajit
2007Bacteria cellulose-chitosan film from microbial synthesis by Acetobacter XylinumNirun Jatupaiboon
2011Butyloleate production using immobilized lipaseJiranan Chanprasert
2018-07-20Characteristics of Curcumin-Loaded Bacterial Cellulose Films and Anticancer Properties against Malignant Melanoma Skin Cancer CellsChayut Subtaweesin; Wannipa Woraharn; Siriporn Taokaew; Nadda Chiaoprakobkij; Amornpun Sereemaspun; Muenduen Phisalaphong
2007Continuous ethanol production using immobilized yeast cells entrapped in loofa reinforced alginate carriersPhoowit Bangrak
2003Desalinization of Aqueous extract of Acanthus Ebracteatus VAHL. By NanofiltrationNguyen Thi Thu Ha
2012Development and characterization of chitosan blended bacterial cellulose filmKampole Intasorn
2006Development of bacterial cellulose for temporary skin substituteMuenduen Phisalaphong; Neeracha Sanchavanakit
2011Development of bacterial cellulose nanocomposite film for medical applicationsJeerun Kingkaew
2012Development of bacterial cellulose/alginate/gelatin film for food preservativeSutasinee Seetabhawang
2010Development of calcium oxide based catalysts for ethyl ester productionKornkanok Watcharathamrongkul
2007Development of porous material from bacterial cellulose for biomedical applicationsNadda Chiaoprakobkij
2017Development of starch-nanocellulose composites for using in surface treatment of paperPhanthakan Ow
2007Effect of addition of aloe vera gel on synthesis of bacterial cellulose film by Acetobacter xylinumOng-ard Saibuatong
2002Elicitation effects on biosynthesis of indole alkaloids by Catharanthus roseus leavesJuntanee Veerajetbodithat
2010Ethyl ester procuction from palm oil/palm fatty acid catalyzed by immobilized candida rugosa lipaseChanudom Muangchim
2010Ethyl ester production using immobilized lipase entrapped in loofa reinforced alginate carriersPuttachad chanmuang
2007[gamma]–alumina doped alginate gel for cell immobilization in fermentation processesJiranan Pullsirisombat