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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Authentication of capsicum using chromatographic techniques and chemometric methodsWorraluck Meemak
2009Determination of 17 α-methyltestosterone in sediment samples form a nile tilapia nursery pondHuffer, Thorsten
2012Determination of anti-obesity drugs in dietary supplements for weight control by capillary electrophoresisNatthaphong Chomvana
2003Determination of bisphenol-a-diglycidyl ether, bisphenol-f-diglycidyl ether and their derivatives in oil-in water and aqueous-based canned foods maufactured in ThailandOrnthida Khow
2006Factors affecting retention and resolution of hydrophobic aromatic compounds in microemulsion electrokinetic chromatographyKieatsuda Poouthree
2011High efficiency separation in capillary electrochromatography and capillary liquid chromatography using monolithic stationary phaseWasura Soonthorntantikul
2006Hollow fiber liquid phase microextraction for the determination of glyphosate and aminomethylphosphonic acidMontra Piriyapittaya
2006Hollow fiber supported liquid phase microextraction for the determination of quaternary ammonium herbicidesWannakarn Nitayarerk
2009Hollow-fiber liquid-phase microextraction for determination of macrolide antibiotic residues in water and poultry muscleSoparat Yudthavorasit
2006Leachability of glyphosate herbicideParawee Sinorat
2005Method development for the determination of antibiotics and antibacterials in cow milk using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometryUrairat Koesukwiwat
2005Method development for the determination of sulfonylurea herbicides residue in rice using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometryDuangkamol Pinyo
2009Micro-scale membrane extraction for monitoring organic pollutants at ultra-trace levelSiripastr Jayanta, M.L.
2009Migration of plasticizers from metal lid gasket of glass jar into foodChanchira Chanprasert
2010Modification of QuEChERS method for determination of morphine and codeine in urineChanida Sangsuri
2011Occurrence of 17 alpha-methyltestosterone in masculinization pond of nile tilapia fryKanyaratt Waiyaput
2011Rapid and highly sensitive analysis of ethoxyquin residues in shrimp using ultra performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometrySongkran Chikakul
2010Sample preparation by matrix solid-phase dispersion for determination of organochlorine and pyrethroid residues in garlicSupaporn Sayaroon
2009Sample preparation for the determination of pesticide residues in export quality mangosteens by LC-MS/MSWanisa Meecharoen