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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007The 2007 rabies in Asia congress at Bangalore, IndiaNo information provided
20075th Asia Pacific congress of pathology, SingaporeNo information provided
2006Alternate form reliability of the PPVT-III in 100 ESL university studentsHilton, Laurence M.
1999The application of DNA demethylation in alteration of phenotypic, seed production, protein lipid content and fatty acid composition in soybean cultivar SJ. 5Wichai Cherdshewasart; Winai Dahlan; Siriporn Chumruslertluk
2006The characterization of the two new genes, PTGS2 and PSN2 involving in the T lymphocyte apoptosis of lupus patients: Role of genetic polymorphism and epigenetic alterationNattiya Hirankarn; Tanapat Palaga; Yingyos Avihingsanon; Pimpayao Sodsai
2002Comment on An approach to a sustainable homeAcharawan Chutarat
2002Comment on can design be considered as research?Acharawan Chutarat
2004Controlled degradation of natural rubber by microparticles containning titanium dioxideVipavee P. Hoven; Tanaka, Yasuyuki; Narisa Na Lumpoon; Jittima Deeprasertwong
2000Cross-border migration and HIV/AIDS vulnerability at the Thai-Cambodia border Aranyaprathet and Khlong YaiSupang Chantavanich; Beesey, Allan; Amornthip Amaraphibal; Praweenja Suwannachot; Premjai Wangsiripaisal; Paul, Shakti R.
2000Cross-border migration and HIV/AIDS vulnerability in the Thai-Myanmar border : Sangkhlaburi and RanongSupang Chantavanich; Paul, Shakti; Amornthip Amaraphibal; Praweenja Suwannachot; Premjai Wangsiripaisal; Beesey, Allan
2003Development of multi-stage plasma and photocatalytic system for removing air pollutantsSumaeth Chavadej; Pramoch Rangsunvigit; Kanokwan Saktrakool
2005Development of somatic cell nuclear transfer technique for biomedical and agricultural research (year II) : reportMongkol Techakumphu; Pranee Numchaisrika; Ampika Thongpakdee; Rattajuk Rungsiwiwat; Kamtorn Prugsananon; Pramuan Virutamasen
2007Drug addiction: a view from the law enforcement fieldNo information provided
2006An educative, values-engaged approach to evaluationGreene, Jennifer; DeStefano, Lizanne; Hall, Jori; Burgon, Holli; Johnson, Jeremiah
2551Effects of a professional development model on preschool teachers' literacy practices in early reading first classroomsMollenkopf, Dawn L.; Elliott, Marleen; Monden, Kimberley
2010Evaluating score equity of computerized MCATSungworn Ngudgratoke; Reckase, Mark
2007Fake rabies vaccine has appeared in ChinaNo information provided
2007Human papilomavirus (HPV) vaccine for Southeast Asian countriesNo information provided
2006Immobilization of RGD Peptides on surface of Tyrosine-Derived Polycarbonate to enhance cell adhesion and proliferationVoravee P. Hoven; Kohn, Joachim; Adisorn Poopattanapong
2006An inferential analysis of effect of activity-based instruction on the persistent misconceptions of physics studentsReiser, Emily M.; Markes, Mark E.