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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Alternative Jensen type functional equationArnisa Rasri
2015Alternative quadratic functional equation on 2-divisible abelian groupsJenjira Tipyan
2009C[subscript 2]-cofiniteness of the vertex algebra V[subscript L] [superscript +] and classification of irreducible modules of the vertex operator algebra V[subscript L] [superscript +<r>]Phichet Jitjankarn
2008Dependence among cauchy-type functional equationsWatcharapon Pimsert
2003Eventual regularity and isomorphism theorems of some regressive transformation semigroupsPichat Jitjankarn
2003Factorization and independence of arithmetic functionsPattira Ruengsinsub
2002Factorizations of some generalized exponential polynomialsOuamporn Phuksuwan
2002A finite inverse biprefix code whose syntactic monoid has n D-classesPairot Noumnom
2011Functional equation analogous to the 2-dimensional wave equationTeerapol Sukhonwimolmal
2009Functional equations with trigonometric function solutionsCharinthip Hengkrawit
2006Optimal linear error-block codesSomphong Jitman
1976Proper inverse semigroups and minimum proper congruencesPatanee Udomkavanich
2014Self-Conjugate-Reciprocal Irreducible Monic Polynomials Over Finite FieldsArunwan Boripan
2006Semigroups admitting nearring structureNgarmcherd Danpattanamongkon
2010Skew-constacyclic codes over finite chain ringsSomphong Jitman
2011Stability of conditional frechet functional equationTippaporn Eungrasamee
2015Stability of fréchet functional equations on certain groupoidsTeerapol Sukhonwimolmal
2009Stability of mixed-type trigonometric and quadrstic functional equationsJanyarak Tongsomporn
2000Subgroups of syntactic monoids of finite inverse biprifix codesKhajee Jantarakhajorn
1999Unique factorization of pseudo-arithmetic functionsPathira Ruengsinsup