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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Alignment of single wall carbon nanotube in polyimide under magnetic and electrical fieldsSupakanok Thongyai; Piyasan Praserthdam; Natthakarn Romyen
2000Alkylation of toluene with methanol on Fe or Zn containing MFI-type zeolite catalystThana Punsupsawat
2000Application of Co-Mg-O/TiO2 catalyst on selective oxidation of alcoholsNungruetai Chaiyasit
1999Application of the V-Mg-O/TiO2 catalyst on the selective oxidation of alcoholsPurida Pimanmas
2003Application of titanium dioxide synthesized by solvothermal method in photocatalytic decomposition of ethylene and effect of the heating time on the crystallite size of titanium dioxideEkkachai Klansorn
2007Applications of titanium dioxide nanocrystal modified by quenching processes for catalyst and catalyst supportPiyawat Supphasrirongjaroen
2000Aromatic synthesis from n-heptane using modified MFI-type zeolite catalystsNilnate Oung
2008Catalytic cracking of butane on modified ZSM-5 catalystPiyanun Phomthong
1997Catalytic cracking of n-octane over y-type zeolite catalystPhanidar Jiratthitikan
2004Characteristics and catalytic properties of glycothermal-derived zirconia supported cobalt catalysts in carbonmonoxide hydrogenationNuttakarn Taochaiyaphum
2003Characteristics and roles of surface species in C[subscript 3]H[subscript 6]-SCR of no over a Ag/Al[subscript 2]O[subscript 3] catalyst by temperature programmed techniqueNatthaya Kiattisirikul
1996Characterization of coke on dehydrogenation catalystsNonglak Pinitniyom
1992Coke formation on dehydrogenation catalystsSomsak Amornchanthanakorn
2005Comparative study of solvent effect and activators with titanocene catalysts on ethylene/alpha-olefins polymerizationNawaporn Intaragamjon
2008Comparative study of Ziegler-Natta catalyst synthesis for ethylene polymerizationPiyavit Pokasermsong
2001Conversion of methane over ZSM-5 (MFI) and Y zeolites containing a transition metalAraya Kittivanichawat
2003Copolymerization of ethylene and norbornene with ziconocene/methyl aluminoxane catalystApiradee Khotdee
2002Copolymerization of ethylene/alpha-olefins on the supported zirconocene catalystPaninee Kaewkrajang
2001Copper chromite catalyst for the selective hydrogenation of furfural to furfuryl alcoholMongkolchanok Pramottana
2003Correlation between particle size and hydrothermal stability of Y zeoliteSomyod Sombatchaisak