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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Adsorption of methane and carbon dioxide on activated carbon and metal organic frameworksChutima Sudsuansi
2017Assisted Methane Hydrate Formation with the Addition of PromotersChutikan Jaikwang
2018Effecst of water on the methane hydrate formation and dissociation with hollow silica and activated carbonSarocha Rungrussamee
2007Effects of solvent on the catalytic isomerization of 1,5-dimethylnaphthalene and the adsorption of 2,6-dimethylnaphthaleneAjana Chobsa-ard
2006Ethanol production : applicability of reactive separationKanjana Piriyasurawong
2007Hydrogen storage : effect of catalysts on hydrogen desorption/ absorption of Li-N-H and Li-Al-N-H systemsSomporn Thipmongkolsilp
2006Hydrogen storage on modified graphite : effect of metal loading and milling timeVisara Jannatisin
2006Hydroxylation of phenol using titanium-and tin-containing molecular sievesRaweewan Klaewkla
2007Mechanistic study of zeolite membrane formationRachaneewan Suwanpreedee
2017Methane Adsorption by Carbon Molecular Sieve Derived from Polycarbonate and PolyanilineJakchai Thawornwatthanasirikul
2006Mixed matrix membranes for CO2/CH4 separation : plasticization studyKitchana Sriwasut
2007Mixed matrix membranes for gas separation : plasticization study on cellulose acetate and zeolite incorporated cellulose acetate MMMsTanaporn Tanupabrungsun
2013Propane/propylene separation by adsorption using Cu⁺ on faujasite zeolitesPramoch Rangsunvigit; Santi Kulprathipanja; Pattaraporn Sridechprasat; Natthapat Puttapatimok