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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-10-28Anion identification using silsesquioxane cagesSupphachok Chanmungkalakul; Vuthichai Ervithayasuporn; Patcharaporn Boonkitti; Alisa Phuekphong; Nicha Prigyai; Sumana Kladsomboon; Suda Kiatkamjornwong
2008Antibacterial activity of quaternary ammonium-containing chitosan particlesOraphan Wia-rachai
2008Beta-nucleation of polypropylene/montmorillonite compositesYongyut Prachum
2001Binder Systems for Pigmented Inkjet Printing on TextileJuntira Komasatitiaya
1997Characterization of developer in relation to print qualitySuchapa Netpradit
2007Compatibility and degradation of low density polyethylene/poly(lactic acid) blendsOn-anong Pinmongkhon
2001Compatibilization of high impact polystyrene/high density polyethylene blends by styrene/ethylene-butylene/styrene block copolymerAsira Chirawithayaboon
1997Degradation of styrene-G-cassava starch filled polystyrene plasticsSaowaluck Wittayapichet
2009Determination of DNA sequences using peptide nucleic acid in combination with chitosan particles by maldi-top mass spectrometryJittima Meebungpraw
2000Effect of diprotic acids on grafting efficiency and water absorption of cassava starch-polyacrylamide via gamma-irradiationKanlaya Mongkolsawat
2001Effect of light stabilizer and UV absorber on light fastness of inkjet inkKitirochna Rattanakasamsuk
2006Effect of mica on water absorption of acrylamide-itaconic acid superabsorbent nanocompositesDaungtawan Foungfung
2007Effect of nanometer-sized binder of ink jet inks on silk printingMonvadee Suknithipol
2001The effect of redox initiator on graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate onto natural rubberTeeranuch Kochthongrasamee
1997Effect of relation between charge control agent distribution on toner and charging characteristics on print qualityChaweewan Poomtien
2001Effect of surface modified filler on mechanical properties of rigid poly(Vinyl chloride) opaque sheetSuwiwat Kaewwiriyachuchai
2002Effect of toner jumping parameters on toner dot size in digital printingNuanwan Tanyong
2004Effects of carrier types and mixing methods of developer on polymerized toner chargingPatama Somboonpanya
2001Effects of ink dispersions on fabric printing by pigmented inkjet inksLaksana Sapchookul
2000Effects of silica concentration and toner surface modification on toner charging, transferring and print qualityNoparat Kaew-on