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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Admicellar polymerization in a continuous stirred tank reactor for surface modification of silica : process optimization using commercial grade mixed surfactantsNantaporn Pipithvittaya
2017Adsorptive Bubble Separation for Oil RemovalPaweena Kanokkarn
2017Applied surfactants, Plasma and chemical reaction, and Biomass energy : Final reportSumaeth Chavadej
2006Biogas reforming in dliding arc plasmasChalermrat Akarawitoo
2007Biohydrogen production from synthetic wastewater in anaerobic sequencing batch reactorsHannarong Neramitsuk
2007Biosurfactant production from pseudomonas aeruginosa SP 4 using sequencing batch reactorsSasiwan Maksung
2018Detergency of mixed oily and particulate soils by single and mixed surfactant systemsThanawan Teerasathittham
2006Detergency of motor oil removal under microemulsion conditionsThitima Rattanavoravipa
2007Detergency of oily soil : effects of hardness and buildersAmpika Nakrachata-amorn
2003Development of multi-stage plasma and photocatalytic system for removing air pollutantsSumaeth Chavadej; Pramoch Rangsunvigit; Kanokwan Saktrakool
2018-04-25The Effect of Temperature on the Methanogenic Activity in Relation to Micronutrient AvailabilityKessara Seneesrisakul; Twarath Sutabutr; Sumaeth Chavadej
2007Epoxidation of ethylene over silver catalysts in loe-temperature corona dischargeAnothai Tansuwan
2009Ethylene oxide reaction over Ag catalysts in low-temperature corona dischargeSumaeth Chavadej; Thammanoon Sreethawong; Anothai Tansuwan; Thanapoom Suwannabart
2006Froth flotation to purify single-walled carbon nanotubesSunisa Chuaybumrung
2006Froth flotation to remove cutting oil from wastewater Alweeya Lapee-eAlweeya Lapee-e
2007Isolation of biosurfactant-producing bacteria : effect of carbon source and activity of oil recoveryNampon Arttaweeporn
2006Isolation of biosurfactant-producing bacteria relating to the activity of oil recoverySarawut Paisanjit
2017Mechanism and performance of solid non-particulate soil (waxy solid) removal from fabricsJarussri Chanwattanakit
2017Microbial conversion of cellulose to sugars by bacterial enzymeKessara Seneesrisakul
2006Oxidation of ethylene over Au/TiO2 catalystsSarinya Bhasdawong