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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Cross-linked micelles prepared from amphiphilic copolymers having active ester groupsSunita Noree
2011Direct synthesis of lactide from lactic acidKullapornphat Boonpok
2002Effect of compatibilizer on mechanical properties of PP/Nylon 6/EVA blendsWaroonsiri Jarkarbutr
2004Effects of slane coupling agent on in SITU silica reinforcement of natural rubber by sol-gel reaction in latexNantida Niyompanich
2001Functional group modification on the surface of chitosan film via reaction of amino groupNoppong Pongchaisirikul
2008In situ silica formation in natural rubber grafted with methyl methacrylate and silane coupling agentSarannut Wattanasamai
2007In situ silica reinforcement of radiation prevulcanized natural rubber latexKamolchat Charungchitaree
2010Molecular weight enhancement by chain extension of poly(lactic acid) derived from polycondensationKamontip Noibuddee
2004Photocrosslinkable chitosan as a scaffold for tissue engineeringTemsiri Wangtaveesab
2011Physical properties of mma grafted natural rubber film reinforced with in situ silicaWasinee Sakathok
2006Preparation and antibacterial activity of quaternary ammonium-containing chitosan surfaceNapanporn Vallapa
2002Preparation and characterization of blends of chitosan and tyrosine-derived polycarbonateTidarat Vijithuttagune
2007Preparation of chitosan particles using ultrasonic atomization for controlled drug releaseWilawan Thongkong
2009Preparation of flame-retardant natural rubber by grafting with phosphorus-containing monomersKitikhun Kokklin
2010Preparation of glucosamine-loaded alginate-chitosan nanoparticlesPornphrom Peng-im
2006Preparation of natural rubber/carbon black composite by medhanical coagulation of latexArisara Chanama
2004Preparation of surface-charged chitosan for selective bioresponsesYaowamand Angkitpaiboon
2009Preparation of zinc oxide/buyl acrylate nanocomposite latex for coating applicaionPornsak Raksayot
2004Reclaimed tire rubber and polyolefin blendsPanu Punnarak