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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018’...and Miraculously Post-Modern Became Ost-Modern’ : How On or About 1910 and 1924 Karel Čapek Helped to Add and Strike off the ‘P’Verita Sriratana
2014Because Slovaks are the best people in the world and the Slovak language is the most beautiful language in the world: defamiliarising the Slovak "Imagined community" in Samko tale's cemetery bookVerita Sriratana
2015Diversity in Unity: Chulalongkorn University-visegrad 4 collaboration projectVerita Sriratana
2015Do as you please, comrades, make a dog of me, spit on me too: Initiation ceremonies, the rape of history and the ravages of political fanaticism in Milan Kundera's the jokeVerita Sriratana
2011It was an uncertain spring : Reading the Weather in The YearsVerita Sriratana
2013A "laboratory of twilight" versus a "Pub in Borivojova street": demystifying the Czeck myth and decentring Central Europe in email hakl's of kids and parrents (O rodicich a datech)Verita Sriratana
2013-11A “Laboratory of Twilight” Versus a “Pub in Bořivojova Street”: Demystifying the Czech Myth and Decentring Central Europe in Emil Hakl’s Of Kids and Parents (O rodičích a dětech)Verita Sriratana
2012Martin was in the jungle alone, and the sun was sinking’: The Weather, Culture and Identity in Virginia Woolf’s The YearsVerita Sriratana
2015A most bewildering and whirligig state of mind: alternative utopian space in virginia woolf's OrlandoVerita Sriratana
2015Particular modernity / modernism : locating modernist moments in czech and slovak literatureVerita Sriratana
2007A ‘Right Poet’ in his Means, (a ‘Modern Poet’ in his Ends): John Donne and the Concept of the ‘Right Poet’ in Sir Philip Sidney’s An Apology for PoetryVerita Sriratana
2013That alluring land (Ta zem vabna) which they both have never seen: imaging and imagining America in the words of Timrava and Virginia woolfVerita Sriratana
2014That is why I am free to dream of Prague’: A Critique on Authorial Nationality Discourse and Historical Grand Narrative in Laurent Binet’s HHhHVerita Sriratana
2015Transnarodowy modernizm a problem temporalnej spacjalizacji w Budowie chińskiego muru Franza KafkiVerita Sriratana
2015Transnational Modernism and the Problem of Temporal Spatialisation in Franz Kafka’s “The Great Wall of China”Verita Sriratana
2009Unleashing the Underdog’: Technology of Place and Virginia Woolf’s FlushVerita Sriratana
2015The Visegrád Group and Thailand: Transcending the ‘Freezer-Purgatory’ DilemmaVerita Sriratana
2013Why should we welcome the King of England? Didn’t Parnell himself…’: James Joyce’s (Re-)Vision of ‘Englishness’ and Virginia Woolf’s (Re-)Vision of ‘Irishness’ as Postcolonial SymptomsVerita Sriratana