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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Acidity and basicity investigation for novel derivative of salen and stabilities of their complexes with metal cations : research reportVithaya Ruangpornvisuti
2016Adsorption and conversion of small gases on TiO2 nanoparticles and surfaces of modified TiO2Waranyu Pipornpong
2010Adsorption of small gases on TiO₂ and TiO₂–supported metalRaina Wanbayor
2000Basicity investigation and structure optimization of polyaza-Calixarenes and stabilities of their complexes with metal cationsVithaya Ruangpornvisuti
2007Conformation, energies and complexation between alkali cations and aspartic acidWichien Sang-aroon
2012Dehydration of 1,2–propanediol to propanal and propanone using H–ZSM–5 and H–MOR catalysts by ONIOM methodArunwan Jansen
2006Density functional study of conversions of 2,3-dimethyl-2,3-butanediol and 2,3-dimethyl-2,3-pentanediol in acid-catalyzed systemsTadtanu Shanyib
1996Effect of solvent strength on the chromatographic behavior of certain organic acids on a multmodal phenylpropanolamine bonded silica columnSunsanee Sinlapadech
1995Effect of solvent strength on the chromatographic behavior of certain phenolic compounds in reversed phase high performance liquid chromatographySomsak Sirichai
1992The influence of copper (II) ion on the complex of technetium-99m-Mag 3Khajadpai Thipyapong
2000Interactions of pyridinocalix[4]arene with cations and organic molecules by quantum chemical calculationsPratan Ruekmetha
2002Investigation of basicity of Calix[4]-Cyclen-Benzo-Crown-6 and stability of its complexes with metal ions by potentiometric methodThanaporn Boonchoo
2004Investigation of conformational equilibrium and proton affinity of Thiacalix[4] arenas and their complexes with cations : research reportVithaya Ruangpornvisuti
2012Mechanistic study of methanol conversion to propylene by phosphorus-modified H-ZSM-5 catalysts using DFT methodTreerat Chompoopudpong
1995Oxidation of Co with O2 and N2O, using transition metal oxides as catalystsMontida Raoarun
2006A Study of conformational equilibrium of semicarbazone derivatives and their complexes with cations : research reportVithaya Ruangpornvisuti
1997A study of protonation and deprotonation of the novel amino acids : the compounds of aspartic acids : research reporVithaya Ruangpornvisuti
2015Surfaces properties of Zirconia and its adsorption of gases : Research reportVithaya Ruangpornvisuti
2004Synthesis and properties of schiff base metal complexes from amine and salicylaldehyde derivativesHussadee Detsen, 1980-
2001Synthesis of cryptand-like calix[4]arene derivatives and their binding abilities towards transition metal ionsPraput Thavornyutikarn