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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Alkaloids from roots and leaves of Alangium salviifolium Wang. subsp. hexapetalum WangWorapan Sitthithaworn
2007Biosynthesis of phytosterols in cell suspension cultures of Croton StellatopilosusDamrong Kongduang
1996Biosynthetic studies of naphthoquinones in impatiens balsamina root culturesPharkphoom Panichayupakaranant
2006Chemometric study of essential oils from Thai cinnamomum speciesBenja Chaveevanchol
2007Cloning and expression of Amorpha-4, 11-Diene synthase gene in Artemisia annuaThongchai Koobkokkruad
2002Cloning and expression of polyketide synthase genes from cassia alata, plumbago indica and rheum tataricumSupachai Samappito
2018-08-08Coregulation of biosynthetic genes and transcription factors for aporphine-Ttpe alkaloid production in wounded lotus provides insight into the biosynthetic pathway of nuciferineThitirat Meelaph; Khwanlada Kobtrakul; N. Nopchai Chansilpa; Han, Yuepeng; Rani, Dolly; Wanchai De-Eknamkul; Sornkanok Vimolmangkang
1993Curcuminoids and volatile oil determination in turmeric from various locations in ThailandSupinya Tewtrakul
2010Deverlopment of non-cell based assays for screening of inhibitors against avian influenza neuraminidaseJarinrat Kongkamnerd
2003Estrogenic-like compounds from some Pueraria candollei varieties and cell cultureBoonsong Wungsintaweekul
1995Formation of deacetylisoipecoside from dopamine and secologanin by using enzyme in alangium salviifoliumAnun Ounaroon
2007Genetic Variation in Genus Croton (Croton SPP.)Prasoborn Rinthong
2004Geranylgeranyl diphosphate phosphatase enzyme and gene of plaunotol biosynthetic pathway in croton stellatopilosus ohbaNatsajee Nualkaew
1995Large scale purification of 1,2 Dehydroreticuline reductase from the opium poppy seedlingsJuraithip Wungsintaweekul
2005Polyketide synthase enzymes and genes in Plumbago indicaAphacha Jindaprasert
2002Potential of artemisinin production in Artemisia annua mutantsThongchai Koobkokkruad
2007Protection of HT-22 Neuronal cells Against Glutamate Toxicity Mediated by Antioxidative Activity of Pueraria Candollei var Mirifica ExtractApirada Sucontphunt
2012Protective effect of plaunotol in doxorubicin-induced apoptosis in human renal HK-2 cells through antioxidant mechanismsChatchai Chaotham
1994Quantitative analysis of plaunotol in the leaves and tissue cultures of Croton sublyratus KurzAphacha Vongchareonsathit
2011Secondary metabolite production in cell cultures of artocarpus lakoochaSuthira Maneechai