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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003The antioxidant test, Ames' test and micronuclei test of chemical extract from White Kwao Krua Pueraria mirifica, Red Kwao Krua Butea superba, Black Kwao Krua Mucuna collettii and Kudzu Pueraria lobataWandee Sutjit
2012Antiproliferation activity against breast cancer cells MDA-MB-231 by the Thai rejuvenating herbsSupattra Chawalitpong
2001Antiproliferative effects of Pueraria mirifica pueraria lobata butea superba and Mucuna collettii on human mammary carcinoma MCF-7 and cervical carcinoma HelaWaraporn Cheewasopit
1999The application of DNA demethylation in alteration of phenotypic, seed production, protein lipid content and fatty acid composition in soybean cultivar SJ. 5Wichai Cherdshewasart; Winai Dahlan; Siriporn Chumruslertluk
2002Comparative isoflavone HPLC fingerprints from the extracts of white kwao krua Pueraria mirifica in ThailandSubongkoch Subtang
2009Cytotoxicity of Thai rejuvenating herbs on mammary cancer cells (MCF-7) and colon cencer cells (SW-620)Jiraphat Charoenkupt
2005Cytotoxicity tests of extracts from white kwao krua, pueraria mirifica, red kwao krua, betea superba and black kwao krua, mucuna collettii on Hep-G2 cellsWanrawee Sangkapong
2006Differential estrogenic activity of cultivated white Kwao Krua Pueraria mirifica in ovariectomized ratsPatcharaporn Sooksawat
2002Elicitation effects on biosynthesis of indole alkaloids by Catharanthus roseus leavesJuntanee Veerajetbodithat
2003Evaluation of the estrogenic activity of chemical extracts Thai's white kwao krua Pueraria mirifica red kwao krua Butea superba and black khao krua Mucuna collettii on breast cancer cell line MCF-7Virasinee Traisup
2003Increased weight of giant freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii by feed supplemented with Butea superbaNipaporn Chokchaikasemsuk
2006Leaf morphometry, genetic variation and phylogeny of Red Kwao Krua Butea superba in ThailandJirattikarn Kaewmuangmoon
2006Leaf morphometry, genetic variation, and phylogeny of White Kwao Krua Pueraria mirifica in ThailandTrin Suwanvijitr
2000Plumbagin production in cell suspension cultures of Plumbago zeylanica L.Orasa Choosakul
2015PROTEOMICS OF RED KWAO KRUA Butea superba Roxb. TUBERSChonchanok Leelahawong
2006Quantitative analysis of isoflavonoids and estrogenic activity on human breast cancer cells (MCF-7) of cultivated white Kwao Krua Pueraria mirificaMatchima Nimpao
2007Quantitative analysis of major isoflavonoids in the leaves of white kwao krua Pueraria mirificaJutarmas Jungsukcharoen
2004Quantitative estrogenic activity of white kwao krua Pueraria mitifica from various parts of Thailand in ovariectomized ratsYosaporn Kitsamai
2006Quantitative HPLC analysis of isoflavonoids and bioassays of the farm-grow White Kwao Krua Pueraria mirificaSuttijit Sriwatcharakul