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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Adsorption kinetics of aqueous binary mixtures containing phenol, RED31 and/ or black5 on activated carbon prepared from waste tiresPannada Japthong
1988Adsorption of N-butane gas on zeolites and fundamental adsorption unit designSupot Kristarnin
1989Applications of generalized reduced gradient method to the cogeneration problem in a synthetic fiber plantWuchara Kanidtabud
2004Degradation of organic compounds using nanosized titaniaNawin Viriya-empikul
1979The determination of diffusion coefficient of Alpha-naphthol in waterSirikalaya Suvachittanont
2008Development and characterization of highly macroporous carbon nanotube foams by freeze-drying methodNapawon Thongprachan
1995Development and construction of tester and testing of Lower Explosion Limit of particulate materialsSongchai Wiriyaumpaiwong
2012Development of encapsulation technique for nano-biomaterials using chitosan-based cryogelNataporn Sowasod
2006Development of lanthanum strontium manganite based solid oxide fuel cell electrode by advanced mechanochemical processJintawat Chaichanawong
2004Development of phase doppler anemometer for measuring velocity and size distribution of paticulate materialsWiwut Tanthapanichakoon
1997Development of quantitative indices for evaluating the degree of dispersion of additives in compounded materials using computer experimentsMathee Suphawita
2005Development of rice mill dust collection system using rice husk bedSira Srinives
2003Discrete particle simulation of spouted bed with heat transferThanit Swasdisevi; Wiwut Tanthapanichakoon
1983Drying characteristics of some agricultural produce in ThailandThucsina Loychirakul
2005Effect of dust deposition on collection performance of ceramic candle filter systemJerapan Laksameearunotai
1997Effect of reactor structure on removal efficiency of gaseous pollutants using electron attachment mechanismKittisak Larpsuriyakul
2000Effect of temperature on removal of toluene vapor using the electron attachment reactionNantamas Dhattavorn
1994Effects of kneading conditions on the dispersion of pigments in polyethylene using a continuous kneaderPijarn In-euru
1989Energy system design using pinch technology and exergy conceptChaiyot Worravitudomsuk
2000Factors affecting the smoothness of flow rate of a screw feeder and a rotary table feederDaranee Srina