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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015All-cellulose nanocomposites film from sisal fiberNoppon Somsesta
2009Antibacterial properties of polyethylene and silicone rubber surface-modifiled by plasma generated from plasma focus deviceWerawat Sriprapai
1999Applications of enzymes in cotton yarn and fabric preparation processesTheeradol Rungraungkitkrai, 1974-
2001Biodegradation of LDPE/banana starch films compatibilized with ethylene vinyl acetate copolymerKanjana Charoenkongthum
1997Chemical Modifcation of Cellulosic Fibers to improve Fixation of Rea CtivedyesPapida Pornsuriyasaak
1997Chemical recycling of rigid polyurethane foamSupanee Keesuwan
2005Coating of polyamide fibers with polyelectrolyte multilayer thin films to improve wash fastnessChularat Iamsamai
1998Combining reactive dyeing and finishing of cotton in one stage processSirinun Kaenthong
2003Comparative studies of blending techniques and dispersibility of organic pigments in medium density polyethylene powderRatchanu Buhngachat
2003Effects of composition and processing variables on barrier property of liquid crystalline polymer/polyethylene blend filmsTatiya Trongsatikul
1998Effects of crosslinking on mechanical properties of hydroxy-terminated polybutadiene binderRuangsak Chongruangsri
2009Effects of plasticizers on physical and mechanical properties of modified cellulose films from waste cotton fabricsPanita Hongphruk
2004Effects of processing agents on bead formation of electrospun poly(ethylene oxide) nanofibersKunawan Arayanarakul
2004Effects of processing parameters on morphology and diameter of electrospun gelatin nanofibersNuanchan Choktaweesap
2003Effects of types and amount of phenolic resins on curing condition, thermal properties and ignition behavior of benzoxazine/phenolic polymer alloysNattapong Jalongwongsha
2002Enzymatic scouring of various fabricsPuwadol Kitchareonseree
2000Fibrillation behaviour of man-made cellulosic fibers under microscopic examinationSiriluk Chiarakorn
1996Finishing of cotton fabric with citric acidPranee Rattanawaleedirojn
1996Fire retarded mechanism of inorganic tin compounds in flexible poly (vinyl chloride)Kanjana Boonyuenvitaya
2007Flame retardant finishing of fabrics by diammonium hydrogen phosphate using plasma generated from a theta-pinch deviceRutchapong Horthimaworrakun