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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Acute and long-term effects of white kwao krua Pueraria mirifica, Airy Shaw & Suvantabandhu on reproductive system, serum calcium level and related hormones in female cynomolgus monkeys Macaca FascicularisHataitip Trisomboon
2010Antioxidant enzyme activities, protein changes and transcript accumulation of cell wall hydrolases associated with hot water immersion treatment of 'Nam Dok Mai' and 'Ok Rong' mangoesSarunya Yimyong
2011Assessment of stock and movement pattern for sustainable management of blue swimming crab Portunus pelagicus (Linnaeus, 1758) : case study in Kung Krabaen Bay, Chanthaburi Province, ThailandChutapa Kunsook
2011Autologous bone marrow aspirate (BMA) derived stem cells for chronic wounds of the lower extremityMulder, Gerit
2009Bioavailability of -oryzanol using caco-2 cells culture model and its antioxidant activities against low - density lipoprotein oxidationKittana Mäkynen
2006Biological active compounds used by worker bees to repel antsOrawan Daungphakdee
2011Changes in anatomical structure and cell wall metabolism of 'Hom Thong' Banana peel following hot water treatmentNuankamol Amnuaysin
2003Characterization and gene cloning of cyclodextrinase from Paenibacillus sp.A11Jarunee Kaulpiboon
2008Characterization of Aureobasidium Pullulans isolates based on multilocus sequence analyses and relationship between alpha amylase activities and pullulan profilesPennapa Manitchotpisit
2007Characterization of cutinolytic esterase from Fusarium solani for application in polyester fiber modificationThidarat Nimchua
2004Characterization of exopolysaccharides produced by Aureobasidium pullulans isolated in ThailandSehanat Prosongsuk
1998Colony migration of the giant honeybee, Apis dorsata Fabr.Ratna Bahadur thapa
2007Conversion of crystalline cellulose to solvent by naturally selected and recombinant clostridiaChompunuch Virunanon
2003Defense mechanisms of Apis dorsata fabricius and ars primorsky honey bee Apis mellifera linnaeus to the bee mite Tropilaelaps clareae delfinado and bakerBoonmee Kavinseksan
1995Detection, characterization and transcriptional events of rabies virus genesJaturaporn Pornsilapatip
1996Development of immunoassay for the detection of protein allergens in natural rubber productsKitiphong Harncharoen
2002Distribution and diversity of actinopages in soils populated with streptomycetesOnanong Pringsulaka
2011Drought resistance and protein changes induced by chitosan in rice Oryza sativa L.Wasinee Pongprayoon
2004The effect of crude extract from the black kwao krua mucuna macrocarpa wall.on gonadal structure and function of the nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus Linn.Jirarach Srijunngam
2011Effects of check dam on species assemblage and distribution of amphibian and reptile in a deciduous forest in Nan Province, ThailandRatchata Phochayavanich