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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Comparative Effects of Zinc Methionylglycinate and Zine sulfate on Hair coat characteristics and zinc concentration in plasma, hair, and feces of dogsThanisara Preedapattarapong
2006Effect of Dietary Protein Deficiency on Gene Expressions of Amino Acid Transport Systems at Peak Lactation in Procine Mammary TissuePatrapan Rungcharoen
2005The effect of roselle (HIBICUS SABDARIFFA LINN.) calyx as antioxidant and acidifier on growth performances and ileal digestibility in postweaning pigsWantana Aphirakchatsakun
2011The effects of bovine somatotropin on milk production, nutrient digestibility and plasma leptin of lactating goat during early lactating periodNguyen, Thiet
2008The Effects of fructooligosaccharide supplementation on gut microflora, nutrient digestibility, plasma cholesterol and phagocyte activity in adult dogsSireeluk Maitreepawit
2007Effects of full fat soybean particle sizes on growth performance and nutrient digestibility in postweaning pigsChanikarn Chinpinkleaw
2009Effects of green tea waste in total mixed ration on milk production, nutritient digestibility and antioxidant activity in cross-bred lactating cowsThitimon Theeraphaksirinont
2007Effects of organic selenium supplement on selenium level in plasma, sperm morphology and sperm motility in dogsDirake Kaewprapha
2011The effects of probiotic supplement (Bacillus subtilis and Lactobacillus acidophilus) on feed efficiency, growth performance and microbial population in distal gastrointestinal tract of weaning rabbitsLam Phuoc Thanh
2010Effects of Protein Reduction and Substitution of Cassava for Corn in Broiler Diet on Growth Performance, Ileal Protein Digestibility and Nitrogen Excretion in FecesNirun Boonsinchai
2005Effects of sodium carbonate supplementation on milk production and milk compositions in crossbred friesian cowsKanjanat Sootthiluk
2007The effects of vitamin E in crude palm oil on growth performance, lipid peroxidation and tissue vitamin E concentration of broilersBanjong Ura
2008Influences of full fat soybean diets on ovarian follicular development and concentration of progesterone in the postpartum crossbred diary cowsSupalak Tunprayoon
2015The effect of coconut oil supplementation on plasma metabolite and lactation performance in early lactating crossbred saanen goatsThieu Khoi Ho