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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Calcium phospate thin film formation on titaniu substrate by electrochemical methodAchariya Rakngarm
2004Characterization of Ce-TZP annealed in vacuum atmospherePrevit Nunthasunti
2007Characterization of flat sheet cement containing rice husk ashWorrachead Somboonna
2005Comparison of liquidus temperature of E-glass by uniform temperature method and heating stage microscopeApirat Theerapapvisetpong
2015Configuration design of soda-lime glass laminated transparent armor by finite element analysisYukolthorn Sriloy
2004Conversion of zinc hydrometallurgical waste to glass-ceramic materialsBussaraporn Patarachao
2003Development of alumina substrate for peltier elementPao Na Nakorn
2003Development of alumina-zirconia composite for miulling ballKamol Panmaung
2003Development of ferroelectric paste by sceen printing techniqueUsa Kaeowanpen
2004Development of frost resistance property in terra-cotta potteryPunyoot Huantanom
2004Development of low cost Mg-PSZ with nanostructure and high mechanical strengthPawena Thanngam; Supatra Jinawath
2003Development of low cost Si3N4 ceramicsNirut Wangmooklang
2004Development of structural ceramic products from rice husk ashUmaporn Sangwanna
2005Development of transparent nano-crystalline alumina ceramic : effects of forming and sintering conditionsSoontorn Tansungnoen
2000Effect of barium oxide on the varistor characteristics of zinc oxide ceramicsChiraporn Auechalitanukul
1998Effect of lead on dielectric properties and microstructure of barium strontium titanateSuttinee Snansieng
2006Effects of burning temperature and K2O on preparation of silica from rice husk ash for anti-blocking application in LLDPE filmVerasak Mosungnoen
2003Effects of microstructure of sintered tin oxide on gas-sensing sensitivityUtoomporn Korkerd
2006Effects of microwave sintering and zirconia addition on microstructure and optical transmittance of alumina ceramicJutinun Kraikrer
1998Effects of organic matter, soluble salts and characteristics of ball clays on their rheological and casting propertiesVarangkana Klinsukol