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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A Tree-Based Collision Resolution Algorithm for RFID using Bayesian Tag EstimationSanika Krishnamali Wijayasekara
1990An access technique for very small aperture antennaNongluck Phinainitisart
2002An acoustic study of syllable onsets : a basis for Thai continuous speech recognition systemVisarut Ahkuputra
2003An acoustic study of syllable rhymes : a basis for Thai continuous speech recognition systemEkkarit Maneenoi
2015Adaptive error-resilient techniques for H.265/HEVC video transmissionHtoo Maung Maung
2010Adaptive frame based flexible macroblock ordering for error resilient H.264 video coding and transmissionTien Huu Vu
2010AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructure solar cellsBounpone Keomanivong
2009Analysis and applications of multi-dimensional cauchy integral equation based on clifford number to scattering and radiation of electromagnetic fieldsAjalawit Chantaveerod
2006Analysis and design of a 3-stage CMOS current controlled ring oscillatorPrapto Nugroho
2016Analysis of high capacity mobile network with 3D in-building dense small cellRony Kumer Saha
1997Analysis of Ku-band rain attenuation on earth-satellite paths in the Southeast Asia regionRachan Lekkla
1980An analysis of photocurrent in p-n junction solar cellsBoonmark Sirinaovakul
2011Analysis of synchronization offsets effect on uplink MIMO-OFDMA systemsOmer Abdel Razag Sharif Abubaker
2011Application of wide area monitoring system for securing voltage stabilityLesnanto Multa Putranto
1977Automatic solar tracking systemPeerapong Hengrassamee
2010Benders decomposition based method for multistage transmission expansion planning with security constraintsSomphop Asadamongkol
2015Binary NiO-MnO catalyst for amperometric biosensorsSuriani Binti Ibrahim
2012A binary search algorithm for impulsive noise removal in compressed sensing reconstructionSuwichaya Suwanwimolkul
2005Calculation of attractive area by using attractive volume concept for lightning protection systemsMuhammad Arif Rahman Hakim
2008Capacity analysis of MIMO rayleigh channel with spatial fading correlations and estimation errorsHa Duyen Trung