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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Algorithm for generating flexographic screen dotsJuleeporn Kunlayajitkoson
2001Algorithm for generating hybrid screen angles using irrational tangent techniqueThammasan Thiprangsri
2001Algorithm of hybrid screen using spiral error diffusion and threshold matrixSomporn Suksawad
2008Analysis of a corporate identity color and its effect on corporate imagePanom Vikairungrod
2001Analysis of colour fastness models relevant to perception of Thai groupPanya Sinsakjarungdet
2001Application of numerical expression of color perception on the InternetSanichar Koonawoot
2005Applying CIECAM02 to images with unknown reference whiteMati Bunterm
2001Arrangement of Thai words for color perception into the MUNSELL and CIE L*C*h color spacesOlarn Promsaka Na Sakolnakorn
2011Association between colour of coffee in print media and consumer expectationsChutikarn Ongjarit
2001Binder Systems for Pigmented Inkjet Printing on TextileJuntira Komasatitiaya
2011Changes of colour appearance due to changes of shape of colour sample and background colourChawika Traisiwakul
1997Characterization of developer in relation to print qualitySuchapa Netpradit
2002Color mode change of cathode-ray-tube monitorNathapong Janchidfah
2000Color mode change of color chartsYuwadee Thiangthangtum
2002Color quality classification of ruby and blue sapphire by CIELUV and MUNSELL color systemsPannapa Paotanom
2004Comparison of digital image quality obtained from different image sensorsViriya Pornkunvilai, 1975-
2011Conductive property of nano silver ink on flexographic printsApiwit Leelatrakul
2010Determination of equivalent lightness of small stimulus in the elderly using cataract experiencing gogglesPatarin Wongsompipatana
2004Determining the accuracy of a proof sheet using image segmentation and edge detection techniquesWanlop Wongpinkeaw