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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989Analysis of chemical species for trace metals in near-shore sediment by sequential leaching methodPenjai Sompongchaiyakul
1998Bioactive substances from a marine bacterium, Alteromonas sp. S9730Chayaluk Thongton
1984A bioassay approach to environmental factors influencing marine primary production in Phuket coastal watersNipavan Voramongkol
1987Bioerosion on coral substrates Porites lutea Edwards and Haime by some infaunal animals at Ko Kang Kao, Chon Buri ProvinceRonnachai Moordee
1992Biology of calanoid copepod, Acrocalanus gibber giesbrechtSuree Poung-in
1997Chemical constituents of the marine sponge, Ircinia sp.Suwigarn Pedpradoup
1996A comparative study of different algal diets on the growth of abalone, Haliotis ovina (Gmelin, 1791)Monthon Kaenmanee
2007Correlation between heat flux, moisture and wind pattern over the Indian Ocean and Southwest monsoon intensity in Thailand by using MM 5 numerical modelPhuwieng Prakhammintara
2004Development of ocean colour algorithms for the upper Gulf of ThailandTachanat Bhatrasataponkul
1988Distribution and speciation of Cu, Pb, and Fe along the mae klong river, and their variations during estuarine MixingMonchai Teinkarodjanakul
1998Distribution of trace metals in the Gulf of Thailand and East Coast of Malay PeninsulaSaravuth Rattanachongkiat
2007Ecological roles of renieramycins on the blue sponge Xestospongia sp.Udomsak Darumas
2001Ecological studies on benthic polychaetes with respect to oranic enrichment condition in Kung Krabaen, ThailandBamroonsak Chatananthawej
1991Effect of astaxanthin on coloration and Maturation of giant tiger prawn (Penaeus monodon Fabricius)Jaruk Choosuwan
2004Effect of kelp Ascophyllum nodosum supplement in diet on resistance to disease in black tiger shrimp Penaeus monodonSirikanya Chungthanawong, 1980-
1977The effect of temperature on growth of mullet (Mugil dussumieri Val.,) Seabass (Lates calcarifer [Bloch]) and spine foot (Siganus virgatus Cuv. & Val.)Apichart Termvidchakorn
1979Effect of temperature on the development of oyster larvae (Crassostrea lugubris)Pardermsak Jarrayabandhu
2004Effects of biofilter on water quality in closed recirculating system for black tiger shrimpSuttikarn Sutti
2002Effects of dietary astaxanthin and fish oil on maturation of pond-reared black tiger prawn Penaeus monodonChalee Paibulkichakul
1990Effects of diets, sources and sizes of broodstock on ovarian development and spawning of giant tiger prawn (Penaeus monodon Fabricius)Sakon Sangpradub