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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20122-Absorbing and weakly 2-absorbing subsemimodules over commutative semiringsIssarapron Thongsomsuk
20162-Absorbing R-ideals of modules over near ringsSutida Patlertsin
20084-dimensional quadratic functional equations of pexider typePreechaya Sanyatit
1989Absolutely closed transformation semigroupsPrasit Limburasiriporn
2006Action by automorphisms on the dual of a groupPrapanpong Pongsriiam
1992The action of certain simple lie algebras on some of their modulesPongpol Juntharee
2011Adapive discontinuous galerkin method for one-dimensional shallow water equationsThida Pongsanguansin
2006An adaptive agent-based application for quality of service management in wireless internet networkWijak Srisujjalertwaja
2003The AIDs incubation distribution functionRatchanikorn Chonchaiya
2015Algebraic properties of gyrogroupsTeerapong Suksumran
2010Algorithmic simplification of sulution generating theorems of perfect fluid spheres in general relativityPanit Suavansri
1991Almost multiplicatively cancellative seminear-rings and skew rings of right [left] differences of semiringsChingchai Wathanathammetee
2012Alternative Jensen type functional equationArnisa Rasri
2008Analysis of directional regularity by transforms with parabolic scalingPanuvuth Lakhonchai
2005Analysis of holder regularity by curvelet and similar transformsKitipol Nualtong
2014Analysis of rotative mappings on RTammatada Khemaratchatakumthorn
1967An analytical study of a generalization of the binomial coefficients using gamma functionsWanida Israngkul Na Ayudhya
1970An analytical study of the generalized binomial theorem using gamma functions in the series coefficientsNuanchan Intaravicha
1973An application of distributions to potential theoryChamni Suntarakom
1972Application of graph theory to some statistical mechanics problemsManoo Natnititada