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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Active packaging based on ethylene scavenger PP / organomodified clay nanocompositesYukhanthorn Varothai
2006Application of admicellar polymerization in fiber reinforced concreteNisara Jantarapatin
2006Application of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in polypropylene nanocompositesSunisa Manchanda
2006Aspect of ionic polymer/oppositely charged surfactant complexRatana Giles
2006Blends of carboxylate acid polymer based on high-density polyethylene with nylon : effect of zinc neutralized versus acid form HDPE-g-MAHBenjamaad Chartrenuwat
2018Catalytic applications of CuO loaded mesoporous CeO₂ and CuO loaded mesoporous CeO₂-ZrO₂ catalystSureerat Jampa
1995Degradation of cassava starch-filled polyethylene filmsThanida Pabunruang
1997Degradation of styrene-G-cassava starch filled polystyrene plasticsSaowaluck Wittayapichet
1999Deposition of zinc in activated carbon from anthracite and palm-oil shell activated by zinc chlorideKannika Minsirinum
2018Development of composite polyelectrolyte complex membrane for cationic dye and heavy metal sorptionWanwanut Chueasupcharoen
2012Development of oil sorbents from cellulose by acetylationThitima Tanosawan
2017Development of PEDOT-PSS/Zeolite composite as a Gas SensorPojjawan Chanthaanont
2006Development of polythiophene/zeolite composites as H2 sensorKanuengnit Thuwachaosuan
2006Development of PPV/zeolite composites for CO sensorNareerat Thongchai
2017Development of water-based adhesives for oriented Polypropylene (OPP) laminationSarocha Ruanpan
2006Dielectric behaviors of a novel polymer nanocompositeSiripetch Kaewwata
1995Effect of metal salt on physical properties of PVA filmSuphannee Pongkitwitoon
2006Effect of onium ion structure on nanoclay and PP nanocompositesKittimon Jirakittidul
2006Effect of surfactant structure on nanoclays and PP reactive nanocompositesAtinuch Phandee
1990Effects of temperature and concentration of carrier on the dyeing of polypropylene tape yarn with disperse dyesPornchai Chruakanchana