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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Identification of a gene responsible for bilateral amastia with ectodermal dysplasiaSurasawadee Ausavarat
2015Identification of biomarkers of lupus nephritis by systems biology approachPumipat Tongyoo
2016In vitro study of efficacy of pramlintide in osteosarcomaApiruk Sangsin
2010Incidence and risk factors for development and persistence of musculoskeletal symptoms in spine in undergraduate students : a 1-year prospective cohort studySiriluck Kanchanomai
2009Inhibitory activity of curcumin against helicobacter pylori biofilms : the role of flagellar genes and comparative proteomics analysisPanan Pattiyathanee
2007Inter-population linkage disequilibrium patterns of GABRA2 and GABRG1 genes at the GABA locus on human chromosome 4Chupong Ittiwut
2009Mechanisms of iron induce neurodegeneration in alzheimer's disease : an in vitro studyNootchanat Maruae
2009Molecuar characterization and evolution of influenza A virus (H1N1, H3N2 and H5N1) in ThailandKamol Suwannakarn
2006Molecular characterization and molecular diagnosis of recently emerged influenza a viruses (H5N1&H3N8)Sunchai Payungporn
2006Molecular characterization and molecular diagnosis of recently emerged influenza a viruses (H5N1&H3N8)Sunchai Payungporn
2009Molecular characterization, evolution and cross-species transmission study in severe combined immunodeficiency transgenic mice with human hepatocytes of gibbon and orangutan hepatitis B virusPattaratida Sa-nguanmoo
2006Molecular cloning and expression of Green pit viper (Trimeresurus albolabris) serine proteaseChaunchom Maunpasitporn
2010Molecular cloning, expression, and functional characterizations of novel snake venom metalloproteinases from green pit viper (Trimeresurus albolabris)Anuwat Pinyachat
2009Molecular detection of high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) among Thai women and genome characterization of HPV16 and HPV18 in cytological samples of uterine cervixWoradee Lurchachaiwong
2018Molecular Epidemiology And Characterization Of Rotavirus Group A, Group C And Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus In Pigs With Gastroenteritis Among The Commercial Swine Farms In Thailand, 2011-2016Supansa Tuanthap
2008Molecular epidemiology of human bocavirus and new discovery human bocavirus 2Thaweesak Chieochansin
2010The new chronic kidney disease model and role of cytokine accumulation in the sepsis susceptibility of chronic kidney diseaseAsada Leelahavanichkul
2008Oseltamivir-resistance detection of avian influenza H5N1 and molecular genetics of influenza A virus in ThailandSalin Chutinimitkul
2017Prevalence and molacular genetic analysis of human respiratory syncytial virus and enterovirus 68 among children with acute lower respiratory tract infection in ThailandI-lada Thongpan