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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Delay analysis of a newly proposed tree based collision resolution algorithm with known multiplicity feedbackRobithoh Annur
1976Design & construction of A 12 KV voltage transformerChaisith Pongmorakot
1977Design and construction of a 100 kv high voltage testing transformerPornthape Thunyapongchai
1965Design and construction of a 20-ampere 220-volt single-phase variable inductor with minimum lossesKoomchoak Biyaom
1983Design and construction of a data translator for a tape recorder with input signals frequency range from D.C. to 300 herizNarongchai Dangchumroon
1982A design and construction of a digital ac power meterSathit Dulalumpa
1982A design and construction of a digital ac power meterSathit Dulalumpa
1970Design and construction of a solid-state inverse time-lag relay with definite minimum time lagPatima Chiraporn
1978Design and construction of an automatic voltage regulator for 10-25 kw alteernatorSakchai Talthip
1965Design and construction of small epstein apparatus for electrical engineering laboratoryHirun Buranahirun
2004Design and development of central node and mobile node for tele-measurement sensor networkKy-Leng
2006Design and fabrication of GaAs/GaAIAs heterojunction bipolar transistors with symmetrical characteristicTun, Nay Myo
2015Design and performance evaluation of low complexity encoding methods for LDPC codesAmbar Bajpai
1983A design of a computer network using system network architecture (SNA)Chumchok Namsrisakulrat
1974A design of a pulse -width modulation positional controllerChaiyong Wongwuticomjon
2008Design of compensators for power systems operating under load voltage fluctuation satisfying bounding conditionsKittichai Tia
2010Design of feedback control systems with a sector-bounded nonlinearity using Zakian's frameworkVan Sy Mai
2010Design of integrated real time optimization and model predictive control for distillation columnPhue Xuan Dang
2015Design of load frequency controller for power system subject to bounded persistent disturbancesPatipan Kalvibool
1976Design of switching regulator used in DC power supplyYuen Poovarawan