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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Fabrication and study on spectral response of GaAs/GaAlAs staircase band gap photodiodesPakhawat Wisetlakhorn
2001Fabrication and study on spectrum response of GaAlAs/GaAs heterojunction photodiodesTosaporn Chavanapranee
2010The Fabrication of InGaAs ring-like nanostructures by droplet molecular beam epitaxyNaraporn Pankaow
1998Fabrication of thin film tin oxide gas sensors by sol-gel techniqueArporn Teeramongkonrasmee
2015Fault Detection and Identification With Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference SystemNoramalina Abdullah
2009Fault scenario and fault equipment identification within transmission system using intelligent approachesNgoc Tran Huynh
1973The field pattern and gain analysis of a hollow cylindrical antennaPakorn Borimasporn
2006A finite element method with polygonal elements for analyzing band gap characteristic in two-dimensional photonic crystalsEny Sukani Rahayu
2011Foreground rejection for parallax removal in video sequence stitchingThanissorn Panarungsun
2015Formation of subcritical thickness InAs nanostructures on InGaAs cross-hatch patterns by in situ annealingWin Eiwwongcharoen
2009Framework of error-resilient video coding using flexible macroblock ordering and error concealment for wireless video transmissionJantana Panyavaraporn
2011The frequency domain noise reduction techniques for digital hearing aidsThiri Thandar Aung
2015Fundamental limits of the two-user gaussian x channel with limited receiver cooperationSurapol Tan-a-ram
1993GaAs/GaAlAs heterostructure laser diodes grown by liguid phase epitaxy (LPE)Somchai Ratanathammaphan
2008Generalized predictive control with extended predictive conyrol for two-tank level control via distributed control systemSopheak Hel
2006Growth and characterisation of ordered indium arsenide quantum dots on cross-hatch virtual substrateCho Cho Thet
2015Growth and characterization of GaSb and InSb quantum dots on cross-hatch patternsThanavorn Poempool
2006The growth and characterization of long chains of InAs quantum dot moleculesNuttawut Budsayaplakorn; Somsak Panyakeow
2005Growth and characterization of ZnOYuparwadee Deesirapipat