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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Biologic responses of rice field crab Esanthelphusa nani (Naiyanetr, 1984) to herbicides in paddy fields, Nan provinceRachata Maneein
2009Bird species diversity in Phu Khao Tong Area, Kang Khoi District, Saraburi provinceLerson Vasinopas
2015Blood cell morphology and hematological parameters of rice field frog Hoplobatrachus rugulosus (Wiegmann, 1834)Suthirote Meesawat
2003Carbon sequestration potential in aboveground biomass of Thong Pha Phum forest ecosystemJiranan Terakunpisut
2005Companion modelling for razor clam Solen regularis conservation at Don Hoi Lord, Samut Songkhram ProvinceKobchai Worrapimphong
2011Comparison of species diversity and abundance of ants in grassland and reforestation area at Lai Nan sub district, Wiang Sa district, Nan provinceWissanee Suppasan
2011Correlation between herbicide contamination and effects on reproductive system of cyprinid fish Puntioplites proctozysron in Nan river, Wiangsa district, Nan provinceSinlapachai Senarat
1963Culicoides of the Bang Phra region, ThailandNiphan Chanthawanich
2011Diversity and succession of carrion arthropods on pig sus scrofa domestica carcasses under different conditions in Nan province, ThailandSutaporn Sukjit
2010Effect of white kwao krua Pueraria mirifica extract on reproductive organ development and growth of rice field frog Hoplobatrachus rugulosusTarinee Lonuchit
2008Effects of artrazine on the early development and gonad development of rice field frog Hoplobatrachus rugulosus (Wiegmann, 1834)Kritsada Katawutpoonphan
2011Effects of forest fire on ant diversity in the dry dipterocarp forest, Lai Nan Subdistrict, Wiang Sa District, Nan ProvinceKhatha Nuraemram
2012Effects of temperature on gonadal development of the snail-eating turtle malayemys macrocephalaRangsima Pewphong
2015Estrogenic activity and mechanism of action of puerarin phytoestrogen on mouse osteoclastSarocha Suthon
2012Evalution of tree frog antimicrobial peptide production by bacterial and plant expression systemPatcharawalai Whongsiri
2016FORAGING BEHAVIOR AND FOOD PREFERENCE OF SINGAPORE ANT Trichomyrmex destructor (Jerdon, 1851)Ussawit Srisakrapikoop
2011Genetic diversity of shovel-nosed lobster of the genus thenus in thailand using cytochrome c oxidase subunit i geneApinan Iamsuwansuk
2004Genetic diversity of stingless bees (Apidae: Meliponinae) in Thailand detected by PCR-RFLP of mitochondrial dnaOrawan Phuphisut
2007Genetic variation and bone morphology of newts genus tylototriton in ThailandPorrawee Pomchote